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Conclusion of new investigation of the case of Innova crashing backward on the highway

VnEpressnews – New conclusions of the investigation have not resolved all requirements in the appeal of High Court. However, investigating agencies still suggest prosecuting container drivers stabbing Innova backward on Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway.

Driver Le Ngoc Hoang at the appellate trial.

On June 26, CSDT Police Department of Pho Yen Town (Thai Nguyen) issued conclusions to investigate the case of Innova container truck stumbling back on Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway.

According to the conclusion, the investigating agency reaffirmed that on the afternoon of November 19, 2016, defendant Ngo Van Son (in Bac Ninh) controlled Innova car carrying 10 people on the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, reversed the car to Ha. Noi aims to go to Yen Binh intersection (Song Cong district).

At the same time, driver Le Ngoc Hoang (residing in Thai Binh) controls the cars pulling steel trailers. Despite seeing Son’s car, Hoang did not brake immediately, wanted to get over it. However, because the left side of Hoang’s car has other vehicles coming, this driver cannot control the vehicle. As a result, when the car was 10 meters from Innova, Hoang had braked the car so he had an accident, causing 4 deaths, 6 injuries.

In the case, Son is determined to control the vehicle when the alcohol concentration is in the breath; carrying more than allowed people; backing up on the reverse road. Hoang driver does not slow down when encountering dangerous signs and vehicles in front with warning lights should violate Clause 1, Article 5 of the Circular 91/2015 of the Ministry of Transport and Article 12 of the Road Traffic Law.

Therefore, the investigating agency proposed that the Procuracy of the same level prosecute Ngo Van Son and Le Ngoc Hoang on charges of “Violating the regulations on control of road vehicles” according to Clause 3, Article 202 of the 1999 Penal Code (penalty frame). imprisonment for 7 – 15 years).

Ngo Van Son and Le Ngoc Hoang at the appeal of Thai Nguyen People’s Court.

Previously at the appeal, Thai Nguyen People’s Court sentenced Son to a 9-year prison sentence; Hoang was sentenced to 6 years in prison on the same charges. As soon as the verdict was announced, Le Ngoc Hoang and hundreds of drivers watched the trial protest.

On November 21, 2018, after the accused family Hoang complained, the High Court of Hanoi protested to cancel the judgments for trial according to the order of cassation. At the end of November 2018, the High Court Judge’s Committee accepted the protest.

However, the new investigation conclusion of Pho Yen District Police currently does not show the requirements of the protest such as determining the first collision point between two vehicles; when Hoang hit the brakes, how far could the tractor move; Innova’s reversing speed, straight or leaning direction compared to the lane …