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Singer Yen Trang unfazed by societal pressure to marry at 39

Pop singer Yen Trang, at 39, is enjoying her single life, free from the societal pressure of finding a husband.

Pop singer Yen Trang. Photo from Trangs Instagram

Pop singer Yen Trang. Photo from Trang’s Instagram

“I’m enjoying my single life to the fullest,” Trang told VnExpress. “Getting married at a certain age is widely a social norm, but I do not have that pressure.”

The singer went on to say that she is happy to have her family and friends by her side, and she’s also able to do whatever she is comfortable with.

In comparison, Trang said she has seen many married women spend their lives worrying about their husbands’ fidelity, the difficulty of raising kids, as well as “all day every day” money issues that often plague romantic partnerships.

“My parents used to urge me to get married,” she said. “But now that they see how happy I am with my single life, they are no longer worried.”

Reflecting on her life, Trang said she has changed a lot in how she perceives things. She used to think “success” and financial stability were qualities that men who want to develop a romantic relationship with her must have. But now she prioritizes a stable career, a good sense of humor, and a respect for women.

Her attitudes towards music and life in general have undergone similar changes.

“I wanted to have many hits and get invited to perform at many shows,” she said. “My ambition was also to own many houses and cars as well.”

But that’s no longer the case, according to the star singer.

“I have grown tired of that perfectionism, and I have learned to be satisfied with what I have.”

It was this attitude that motivated Trang to pause her singing career because she was aware that her skills did not match younger audiences’ tastes, and she did not feel the urge to chase what she lacked anymore.

“But I still have a passion for music,” she said.

Trang added that she would focus on working as an online fashion influencer in the coming time. She aims to inspire her followers by sharing her styling tips and updating followers on her daily life instead of singing because she wants to steer her career in a less-stressful direction.

“My biggest priority at the moment is health, because I know I can hardly enjoy my life or earn money if I cannot take care of myself.”

Trang joined four other singers to form the five-member girl group May Trang in 2000, which then became one of the most successful girl bands in Vietnam in the 2000s.

She and her younger sister Yen Nhi then debuted as a duet in 2009, and she started an active solo singing career the same year.

She won the “Buoc Nhay Hoan Vu” contest, part of the international “Dancing with the Stars” franchise, in 2013.

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