Friday , June 21 2024

Should I break up with my rich lover to get married?

I have been dating a successful man who is much older than me and belongs to the upper class for nearly seven years.

I am a single mother and office worker. I have a son in his adolescence.

My lover and I have never publicized our relationship because he is much older than me and his children have all gotten married. Though we started dating a long time ago, I have never asked for any materialistic things from him. I started my relationship with him merely because I admired his talent, his career, and his values in life.

Despite that, he deliberately supports me financially sometimes. For example, he gave me a few hundred million dong (VND100 million equals US$4,125) when my career struggled though I did not ask him to do that. He taught me how to treat other people, how to expand my horizons, and how to overcome hardships I may face in my life. I now have some savings thanks to his guidance.

On the other hand, he does not care too much about my emotions. He requires me to always be optimistic and willing to attempt in my work as well as personal life. He does not like it when I share about my hardships, and he never asks about my circle or what I do in my free time. He did not like it when I told him I wanted him to spend more time with me either.

Similarly, he seems not to have any idea about purchasing a house or a car for me, though he pays for our vacations at five-star resorts, our expensive meals, and luxury gifts for me. And I know he will never marry me.

Recently there is another suitor who helps me a lot in my life and treats my family well. I know he is seeking to marry me, and I see him as a kind man who leaves people around him with good impressions. But as a small business owner, his financial status is not as good as my lover, though his income is stable and good compared to a middle-income earner like me.

I have been thinking hard about what would be best for me since then. Should I end the relationship with my lover and marry my suitor?

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