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Step to prepare the important strategic personnel of the Party

(VnExpressnews) – Personnel planning is the opening stage, having extremely important meaning, ensuring that cadres work in order, proactive, visionary, meeting both immediate and long-term requirements. long.

Over the weekend, the Politburo approved the planning of the XIII Central Executive Committee, the term of 2021-2026. The Politburo assigns the Steering Committee to notify the Party committees, party organizations, and collective leaders of agencies and units of the approval results; At the same time, the Central Organization Committee shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned agencies and localities, agencies and units in implementing the plan on training, retraining and updating knowledge in association with the transfer, arrange and arrange work for comrades planned to actively prepare a step for personnel of the Party congress of all levels to proceed to the XIII National Congress of the Party.

This is an important part of preparing strategic personnel for the new term. Officials, especially strategic-level officials, are the decisive factors for the success or failure of the revolution.

More than 200 personnel were introduced into the Central Planning XIII course

Photos at the 9th and 12th Central Conference.

The planning of the XIII Party Central Committee is officially discussed at the 9th Plenum of the 12th Central Committee at the end of December 2018.

Referring to this issue, General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong affirmed that in the work of cadres, the planning of cadres is the opening stage with extremely important meaning and assurance for cadre work. go into the order, proactive, visionary, meeting both immediate and long-term requirements.

Implementing the Politburo’s Plan, all 116 localities, agencies and units are set up by the Politburo and the Steering Committee to plan the staff level of structure allocation and quantity, urgently and seriously. implementing plans, directing and guiding documents of the Central with high sense of responsibility and determination

On the basis of nearly 250 officials discovered by local authorities, agencies and units, the Steering Committee for the planning of strategic level officials has coordinated with the Central Party committees to review and select newspapers. The Politburo and Politburo report agreed to introduce to the Central for comments with more than 200 personnel.

The officials introduced into the planning are well appreciated by localities, agencies and units for their political, moral and lifestyle qualities; qualifications, working capacity, reputation and development prospects.

At the 9th Central Conference, after thoroughly studying, discussing Reports, Reports and other relevant documents on planning personnel, the Central Committee recorded ballots and secret ballots to introduce personnel. planning of the Central Executive Committee for the term of 2021 – 2026.

The Central Government requests the Politburo, after the Conference, on the basis of the introduction results of the Central Committee to urgently direct the Steering Committee and relevant functional agencies to review and verify carefully before submitting to the Ministry. consider and decide personnel planning according to their competence and in accordance with the Party’s regulations. Regularly monitor, urge, inspect and supervise those who have been included in the planning, if detecting any mistakes, fail to meet the criteria and conditions, they must promptly remove them from the planning; At the same time, it will continue to carefully examine and analyze the quality, structure and composition of the working fields so as to promptly detect and recommend additional plannings and reports to the Politburo to be submitted to the Central Government for consideration and consideration. the following Conferences.

Focus on discovering new, virtuous, talented and promising leaders and managers

Human resource work in general, human resource work of the Party Congress in particular must undergo many very elaborate and careful steps from planning, training, retraining, rotation, challenging tasks and giving up. trust votes for cadres … In order to well perform the Party Congress’s human resources work in accordance with the Party’s Statutes, Regulations and regulations on cadre work, the introduction of Party-level personnel, Central Executive Committee, Ministry Politics, Secretariat based on staff planning, at the same time attach special importance to discovering and introducing new and virtuous factors, promising leaders and managers, especially young cadres, female cadres and ethnic minority officials.

The process of conducting congress personnel, the party and central levels has really promoted democracy and wisdom of the collective committee and cadres and party members; meritorious and objective in selecting and introducing personnel; repel step by step individual, local ideology, lack of construction or respect, avoid, fear of clash, faction, division of unity, improper implementation of regulations on what party members cannot do .

At the 9th Central Conference of the 12th, General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong required to regularly monitor, urge, inspect and supervise officials who were put into planning, if discovered If there are violations, insufficient standards and conditions, they must be promptly removed from the planning.

According to the General Secretary, the planning of the Central Executive Committee for the 2021-2026 term is not yet a “personnel” specifically for the next term, but a very important preparation step, serving as a basis for the personnel work of the Board. Party Central Committee XIII Party of the Party. The spirit is to do step by step, every job, firm, tight; completed planning of the Central Executive Committee, newly planning Politburo, Secretariat; then came to the key titles.

The planning of strategic staff level is implemented for the first time in term XI. Through summarizing and drawing experience from the course of XI, the 12th Central Executive Committee affirmed that it must continue to do and do it in a more fundamental and methodical way.

To prepare strategic personnel for the new course, on May 30, General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong signed the promulgation of the Politburo’s Directive No. 35-CT / TW on the Party Congress granted to the 12th National Congress of the Party. This is the basis for all levels and sectors to conduct a successful party congress. In particular, the issue of executive committee at all levels, from standards, age, to the introduction, evaluation, voting process … is very detailed and specific instructions.

Directive 35 requires that personnel work should be conducted step by step, each job, firm, prudent, strict and correct, ensuring democracy, objectivity, publicity and transparency, but it must be true person, right job; resolutely not to fall into the new level of trustees who are unstable, quality, capable and reputable political leaders; lack of exemplary, loss of solidarity, localism, faction, opportunity, righteousness, not daring to protect, wrongdoing; manifest degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” internally; running functions, running rights, corruption, negative, “group interests”; violating the principle of democratic centralism, current regulations, regulations of the Party, the State, political standards and what party members must not do; bureaucracy, authority, lack of close attachment to the people; yourself or your spouse, children violate the Party’s regulations, policies and laws of the State affecting the prestige of agencies, units, officials themselves …

With the above elaborate and rigorous steps, together with the Party’s determination, we believe that the next term of the Party Congress at all levels and the 12th National Party Congress will be chosen. being a cadre of officials, especially the Central Executive Committee of the XIII term, who are typical of intellectuals, qualities and prestige; truly clean, strong, capable of leadership and high fighting ability, meeting the requirements of leading the country in the new situation.’