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Novartis sponsors expert talkshow to raise breast cancer awareness

The talk show “Spread the Belief Program”, organized by HCMC Oncology Hospital with Novartis’s support, has helped the audiences answer basic questions about breast cancer.

Breast cancer ranks first among the most common cancers in women in the world and Vietnam. According to Global Cancer Statistics 2020, more than 2.2 million people worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer and about 680,000 people died from this disease in 2020.

In Vietnam, breast cancer accounts for 25.8% of cancer cases in women with more than 21,555 new cases and 9,345 deaths in 2020.

If the 5-year survival rate in the very early stage reaches 98%, in the late stage, this rate is only about 10%. More worryingly, breast cancer patients are getting younger.

Breast cancer accounts for 25.8% of cancers in Vietnamese women. Photo by Shutterstock

Breast cancer accounts for 25.8% of cancer cases among Vietnamese women. Photo by Shutterstock

Due to psychological reasons, many people at risk – particularly women – tend to delay screening for early detection of breast cancer. The late detection of this disease makes treatment difficult, less efficient, and costly.

Therefore, regular screening for timely diagnosis and detection is very important to help patients actively choose treatment methods, increase treatment efficiency, and save costs.

Breast cancer awareness

In order to support the community to update information about the disease, HCMC Oncology Hospital organized the “Breast Cancer Awareness Program” talk show with the sponsorship of Novartis Vietnam. The talkshow was broadcasted at 7 p.m. on December 3 on VnExpress fanpage.

This is also part of Novartis’ long-term commitment to ensuring easy access to treatment for patients through public health activities.

Breast Cancer Awareness Program talk show broadcasted on VnExpress fanpage on December 3. Photo by Novartis

“Breast Cancer Awareness Program” talk show broadcasted on VnExpress fanpage on December 3. Photo by Novartis

Dr. Phan Thi Hong Duc, Head of the Internal Medicine Department of Breast, Gastroenterology, Liver and Urology, HCMC Oncology Hospital provided useful information about the disease during the talk show.

The expert guest emphasized the importance and effectiveness and timely screening measures as well as medical advances in the treatment of breast cancer today.

Although breast cancer is common and dangerous, patients still have the opportunity to treat and prevent the development of this disease.

The March 2022 report of the American Cancer Society (ACS) found that 99% of those treated for breast cancer at the earliest stage live 5 years or longer after being diagnosed and the survival rate of people with metastatic breast cancer is 28% if treatment is maintained for a long time.

Today’s medicine has made great strides in breast cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, combined with other treatments such as hormone therapy, biological therapy (targeted therapy), immunotherapy, and so on.

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