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‘My marriage with Vietnamese American billionaire is fine’: singer

Singer Ha Phuong has said she is living happily with her 57-year-old Vietnamese-American billionaire husband Chinh Chu.

She said she was annoyed due to rumors of a broken marriage. The rumor originated from a Daily Mail article published in May 2019, which reported on a lawsuit involving Chinh Chu and Calvin Klein model Simona Andrejic.

The article said ‘a single father of two children and his ex-wife is singer Ha Phuong,” triggering rumors that his marriage with Ha Phuong over.

“At first I was annoyed but then I though it’s funny for such people who make up stories. My husband wanted to help me deal with the issue, but I thought it was unnecessary, because I wanted him to focus on business. I was used to rumors about myself,” singer Ha Phuong told VnExpress in a recent interview.

Over the past 20 years, she and her husband have often been rumored to have love affairs.

To relieve stress, she listens to music, or comes up with ideas for writing.

“Marriage is like a piece of music, with ups and downs,” she said.

Her husband is a businessman while she is a singer, so they have different mindsets and lifestyles.

However, the two find harmony as the parents of daughters: Diana, 17, and Angelina, 15.

Singer Ha Phuong (L) and her husband Vietnamese American billionaire Chinh Chu in May 2023. Photo courtesy of Ha Phuong

Singer Ha Phuong (L) and her husband Vietnamese American billionaire Chinh Chu in May 2023. Photo courtesy of Ha Phuong

Two years ago, her husband suffered serious illness.

“At that time, I cried and needed him more than ever. My relationship with my husband became stronger when facing storms,” the singer said.

In the past two years, she returned to singing and was supported by her husband. However, she only participates in selected activities, and most her time is spent with family.

“What I’m most concerned about right now is the future of Diana and Angelina. I waited for my two children to go to university, then I was free to focus on my own passion, ” the singer said.

Phuong, 51, is a folk ballad singer. She was born into a family with rich musical tradition, and is the sister of veteran folk singer Cam Ly and pop singer Minh Tuyet.

Chinh Chu, is an American businessman of Vietnamese-heritage whose company is active in finance and technology. In 2019, the Richest estimated his net worth to be around $1.1 billion.

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