Friday , June 21 2024

My husband allows me to spend $200 a month only

My husband gives me VND5 million (US$206) for our family’s expenses only and criticizes me for overspending every time I tell him it is not enough.

We got married three years ago, have a two-year-old kid, and are living in Hanoi. I think my husband’s personality is generally good, as he does not have any bad habits and we match in terms of perspectives on life. The only problem I have with him is that he is not aware of our family’s living expenses.

I know that my husband’s monthly salary is VND10 million, but he insists on giving me half of that for our family’s expenses only.

I did not want to take this money issue seriously with him at first, so I tried to make it work with my VND8 million monthly salary combined with the VND5 million he gives me every month. But it did not work after we welcomed our kid, as we have more things to spend our money on.

As my husband did not mention anything about contributing more money, I asked him recently to give me more.

He got mad, saying the amount he gives me is enough for our kid’s food and kindergarten fees. He also said all his male friends give their wives VND5 million a month only but none of the women complained.

I explained to him many times that given inflation, everything costs more. Not to mention that we also have a kid to pay for now.

But he replied to me that as a woman, I must know how to balance our family expenses and never think about irrationally by asking for more. Even when I showed him my record of what I must pay for in a month, he said I was too materialistic and that made him tired.

I feel so sad because of what my husband said. I would rather live on my own than live with such an irresponsible husband.

What should I do?

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