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Money really can’t buy you everything

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe knows his team need to improve in 2024. AFP/VNA Photo

Paul Kennedy

In 1964, while staying at the George V hotel in Paris, Paul McCartney, lead singer of The Beatles, had an upright piano moved into his suite so he could continue writing songs.

It was here he penned Can’t Buy Me Love which went on to top the charts in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the Netherlands.

It became an anthem for love and resonated with a generation embracing the notion of valuing love over material wealth and it remains an iconic representation of The Beatles’ impact on popular culture.

McCartney himself says he drew inspiration for the song from the idea that love and relationships are move valuable than material possessions.

If you’ve never been to Newcastle, in the north east of England, let me tell you that there, supporters have an unwavering love of their football club.

You see unlike most cities in the UK, there is only one football club in Newcastle, so you would be hard-pressed to find any man, woman or child who doesn’t love their football club with a passion.

Newcastle United were, until recently, not exactly a wealthy team. Sure, they were sustainable, but you wouldn’t see their name linked with top players that came on the market.

That changed in October 2021 when the club was taken over by a consortium of the Saudi Public Investment Fund. Oil money, and bags of it, were coming to Newcastle.

Fans were obviously delirious, although maybe a little disillusioned. Some thought that Kylian Mbappe was loading his car and driving from Paris to Newcastle, picking up Mohamed Salah on the way.

That never happened and although it’s fair to say Newcastle have improved on the pitch, they’ve struggled of late.

They’ve lost four out of their last five Premier League games, and are no longer in the Champions League.

They are out of the Carabao Cup and their long wait for silverwear (it’s 68 years) is highly likely to go on.

Some may think that manager Eddie Howe is under pressure with his job on the line but I think a parting of ways with the former Bournemouth boss would be ridiculous.

It’s time to show him the love, and fans need to get behind Howe, which I think they will, and help him get through this rocky period.

They play Liverpool at Anfield next week where they haven’t won in the Premier League for more than 25 years and are currently closer to the relegation zone than the top.

The supporters have discovered that money doesn’t always mean success. VNS

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