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Military doctors take care of ethnic people’s health


Mường Cai border station’s military medical officers examine local residents in Sông Mã District. — VNA/VnExpress News Photo

SƠN LA — Military doctors at border stations in the northern province of Sơn La have contributed to raising awareness in healthcare and achieved remarkable results in public medical centres, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vì Văn Vang, a resident from Nà Kham Village, Mường Cai Commune, Sông Mã District, told Tin Tức (New) newspaper that the health of local people had improved since they were examined and cared for by military doctors from Mường Cai border station.

Vang said in previous years, he and his wife often bought medicine to treat flu if they got sick. 

Now they would get free medical check-ups and medicines at home since army doctors were stationed in the locality, Vang said.

Local people find it hard to access healthcare services due to the rugged and mountainous terrain.

“My house is 10km from the commune centre, so it takes a long time to get to the medical station for a check-up,” Lò Thị Khiêng, from Nà Kham Village, said.

Khiêng said now, the doctors would visit patients’ homes if they felt unwell.

Sông Mã District has four communes bordering Laos. The poverty rate remains high.

Every day, the army doctors visit each village to take care of local people’s health.

Major Hà Đức Thiện, a military medical officer of Mường Cai border station, said every year, the unit examined the health of people living in remote and border areas. 

People living in border areas still faced many difficulties, so they could not afford the treatment at health facilities. 

The military doctors at the border point carried out monthly and quarterly free medical check-ups for people, Thiện said.

Phiêng Pằn Commune, Mai Sơn District, is home to 100 households, mainly from the Mông and Thái ethnic groups. 

In the past, every time someone fell ill, the first thing their families would do was to consult the shaman.

Over the past ten years, people’s awareness of health has improved since the border station was set up.

Two military medical officers are assigned to take care of soldiers and local people’s health in Phiêng Pằn border station. 

Lieutenant Nguyễn Mạnh Hiệp said now local residents trusted army doctors as medical examination and treatment for local people is getting more and more effective.

Severe patients would be transferred to district-level hospital if the station’s capacity and facilities were insufficient, Hiệp said. 

Over 1,000 people receive free health check-ups and medicines every year.

The funding comes from the State budget and partly from contributions made by officials and soldiers themselves.

The military doctors also called for support from benefactors to help treat more than 20 children in extremely difficult circumstances. — VnExpress News

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