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Many buy iPhones as symbol of luxury, not as practical choice

A lot of the people I know prefer iPhones over other brands despite their high prices just because they look “lavish.”

On a train from Hue to Da Nang a while ago, I sat in the same car with a group of tourists from Europe.

As the train slowly passed through the Hai Van Pass, the group marveled at the beautiful scenery and took out their phones to capture the moment.

Surprisingly, I saw that they were either using cheap Android phones or older models of the iPhone.

Feeling curious, I asked the person next to me if people in Europe disliked the newer iPhones.

The person said they did like the brand but found it too expensive.

Instead of spending money on an iPhone, they prefer to save money for traveling.

Then this person proudly told me about their experiences in Nepal, Cambodia, and India.

This got me wondering, what is with the iPhone “craze” in Vietnam?

In smartphone retail stores in Vietnam, there is a small counter dedicated to employees from financial institutes, who help customers set up a payment plan or take out a loan to buy new phones.

With just an ID card, some other personal documents, and a few minutes of waiting, just about anyone can buy a new iPhone.

However, my boss, a wealthy person with many real estate properties and stocks, uses a phone that costs less than VND10 million (US$410).

Many employees suggest that the boss treat herself to a more expensive phone, but she always replies: “For what? Calling and texting are all the features I need.”

Vietnam is probably one of Apple’s fastest-growing markets for the iPhone product line, seeing how Vietnamese people are so willing to line up in front of retail stores the night before the launch of any new iPhone model.

Many people say that iPhones are smoother and easier to use, but is that really true?

I bought a basic phone for less than VND5 million and it has been functioning well for over a year.

However, the only downside is that it is not an iPhone.

Many people would even take out loans just to buy an iPhone to show off.

“Holding an iPhone in my hand when I go to the coffee shops or the gym makes me feel a lot more confident,” a colleague once told me.

I realize that many people just lack confidence, so they try to compensate with material items, even if they have to borrow money to buy them.

Many people say it is their money and they can spend it however they want.

But I believe their habits also reflect their character.

Why buy on installment an iPhone costing over VND30 million that will lose millions in value after a few months and become outdated after a year?

Why not travel to experience, learn a new language, or take courses to improve oneself?

Motorcycle, car, and phone companies can easily use this insecurity to empty consumers’ pockets.

I find it dangerous to always choose the most prestigious and expensive despite there being much cheaper alternatives with the same features.

So what do you think about the iPhone craze?

Reader Duy Nhat

*This opinion was translated into English by AI. Readers’ views are personal and do not necessarily match VnExpress’ viewpoints.

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