Sunday , October 2 2022

Man arrested for setting dog on neighbor

A man in Da Nang was arrested Thursday after making his pit bull attack a neighbor.

Tran Dinh Thao, 46, was arrested for “deliberate infliction of bodily harm upon another person,” police of Son Tra District said. Two others, Dang Van Ngoc, 36 and Truong Anh Tam, 39, are also under investigation on the same charge.

Authorities said Thao let his pit bull out to bite his neighbor Ngoc over a dispute. The attack caused Ngoc to suffer injuries on 29% of his body.

Previously on May 29, Ngoc and Tam were having a drink at the former’s house. Tam knew about Ngoc and Thao’s dispute, so he called Thao over to talk. A physical confrontation between Thao and Tam followed.

Outnumbered, Thao went home to fetch a shovel, which Tam managed to snatch and use to hit the former on the head and left eye. Thao then returned home to fetch his pit bull and German shepherd and led them to Ngoc’s house.

The Pitbull attacked Ngoc, causing injuries to the face, arms and legs. Thao then called his dogs back home.

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