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Mai Vàng award honours veteran artist Kim Cương

People’s Artist Kim Cương is honoured at the 27th Mai Vàng awards for her contribution to arts and community activities over the past 50 years. Photo courtesy of the organiser

HCM CITY People’s Artist Kim Cương, a renowned cải lương (reformed opera) performer, was honoured at the 27th Mai Vàng (Golden Ochna) awards ceremony at the HCM City Opera House on Thursday night.

Cương received the Mai Vàng award for her contribution to the nation’s arts and community activities over the past 50 years.

The 84-year-old has launched numerous charity programmes to help needy children and people.

Last month, she worked with the HCM City Association in Support of Disabled People and Orphaned Children to run the Trái Tim Yêu Thương (Beloved Heart) programme to raise funds for children orphaned by COVID-19.

Over her long career, Cương has written 50 plays, most of which highlight southern women and their characters. Her works have been staged many times by leading drama troupes across the country.  

The Người Lao Động (The Labourer) newspaper, the organiser of the awards, also gave honours to talented artists and shows in the fields of film, music, theatre, and television, which received a warm welcome from audiences last year.

Pop star Noo Phước Thịnh was named best singer for his live show Đêm Nhạc Trên Mây (Concert in the Cloud) held in Đà Lạt City in April.

In the show, he performed hits like Chạm Khẽ (Soft Tough) and Xin Lỗi Em (I’m Sorry), and covered Cơn Mưa Băng Giá (Frozen Rain), a famous song written by composer Lê Thành Trung.

His performance was met with applause from the audience. Video clips from the show have been viewed tens of million times on YouTube.

Late singer Phi Nhung was awarded the prize for the best contemporary singer, while her song, Bậu Ơi Đừng Khóc (Don’t Cry), a composition by Hamlet Trương, was named as the best song.

The Mai Vàng award for the best film was given to TV serial, Cây Táo Nở Hoa (The Apple Tree in Blossom), a remake of South Korean TV serial What’s Wrong, Poong-sang.

Directed by Võ Thạch Thảo, the 71-episode film revolves around the life of five brothers and sisters and their troubles in life, featuring actors Thái Hòa, Thúy Ngân, and Song Luân.

Actress Thúy Ngân was named as the best actress.

Actor and singer Ngô Kiến Huy received two Mai Vàng Awards for best actor and MC.  

Hồng Trang (second from left) and Võ Minh Lâm (third from left) won Mai Vàng awards for best theatrical actress and actor. Photo courtesy of the organiser

The HCM City-based theatre company, Trần Hữu Trang Cải Lương, adaptation of Nàng Xê Đa, a famous play from the 1980s by the late playwright and poet Lưu Quang Vũ of Hà Nội, won the best theatre play award.

The play depicts the love story of Xê Đa and her husband, Prince Pơliem, who destroys his love and marriage with extreme jealousy.

Young actor Võ Minh Lâm, who plays Prince Pơliem, got the award for the best theatrical actor, while young actress Hồng Trang was named best theatrical actress. VnExpress News

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