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VN tucks into Argentine food

Internationally renowned for its incomparable beef, wonderful wines and a global leader in grains and oilseed production, Argentina is the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world (COMEXT, GTA 2013).

VN tucks into Argentine food
VN tucks into Argentine food

In June 2014, Viet Nam officially opened its market to Argentinian food, allowing locals the opportunity to finally enjoy meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruit, oils and grains from Argentina.

Privileged with outstanding natural richness and extraordinary diverse landscapes, Argentina boasts high mountains and plains, lush vegetation and extreme deserts, forests and steppes, glaciers and waterfalls. These natural features, boosted by its traditional agricultural profile, have made Argentina a key player in the international food trade.

Unforgettable wines

In 2014, Argentina will become the fifth largest world producer of wine, the largest in the southern hemisphere and a leader of wines from the “new world”.

The altitude, wide range of temperatures, local know-how, research and development and a deeply-rooted popular wine culture, give its wines their unique identity and quality.

Malbec and Torrontes are Argentina’s signature wines. Originally from south-west France, Malbec is the country’s flagship variety. Argentina is the major global producer of this red wine, and also the exclusive producer of Torrontes, a wholly Argentine white variety.

Incomparable beef

Argentina has developed the best breeds of cattle – famous for its Hereford, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus, amongst others, all of European origin – by enhancing their natural competitive advantages with a particular pasture production system as well as state of the art technology implemented at meat processing plants.

The high quality of Argentine dairy products and beef can be explained by the naturally-fed cattle, grazing – a type of feeding based on the free movement of cattle on open fields, and the outstanding and unique nutritional features of their pastures.

This method yields beef which is 100 per cent natural, without additives or hormones and with low fat and cholesterol content, the most tender and tastiest in the world.

Argentine night in Ha Noi

On November 10, Ambassador of Argentina Mr. Claudio Gutierrez organised an Argentine Night at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel for more than 300 guests to celebrate the opening of the Vietnamese market to Argentine food.

The guests were able to taste Argentine beef, specially provided by the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IPCVA), through Gorina Company.

Likewise, thanks to the co-operation of the local importers and distributers, Celliers D’Asie, Daloc, Bluebird and Tan Khoa, as well as the renowned Argentine wineries, Viniterra, Casarena, Escorihuela Gascon, Sottano, Mi Terrudo and Fincas La Juanita, the guests enjoyed some of the best wines from Argentina.

These signature products were married with a live tango show, turning the evening into a true Argentine night.

During an interview with Ambassador Gutierrez, he explained that in this last decade Argentina had started the transformation by which it stops being the “Barn of the World” and becomes the “Supermarket of the World”.

He said that he was pleased because from now on, Vietnamese would not only be able to purchase Argentine grain for feed, but also food products including beef, fish, oils, preserves, confectioneries, dairy, gourmet and organic goods.

He concluded the Argentine Embassy is actively strengthening ties through providing information and contact details of Argentine companies to local enterprises in Viet Nam. — Embassy of Argentina