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Vietnamese myths featured in music

Vietnamese singer Le Cat Trong Ly along with American artists will depict six legendary Vietnamese myths through singing, live visual arts and an interactive dance tonight in HCM City.

Vietnamese myths featured in music
Vietnamese myths featured in music

The American electronic duo, Space/Panther, will collaborate with Ly to create a digital fictional book about the six myths.

Le Cat Trong Ly used one of the legends in composing her first song Chenh Venh when she began her music career.

She wrote the song after reading the myths about Tien Dung and Chu Dong Tu.

Inspired by the Vietnamese stories, the production will take the audience on an exhilarating ride through a land of fantasy.

The legendary story of the fairy Au Co and dragon king Lac Long Quan represents the origin of the Vietnamese people, and the myth about Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh represents the seasonal patterns in Viet Nam.

The story about Thanh Giong concerns a young boy who becomes a giant, brought by the gods to fight off invaders in Viet Nam, and another myth revolves around Chu Dong Tu, a marsh boy who represents love, and is destined to marry a princess.

Two other myths are about Princess Lieu Hanh, a heavenly spirit, who is the goddess of the universe, and Ba Chua Xu, known as Lady of the Realm, who also brings prosperity and success to those who pray to her.

Four sold-out performances are expected to reach nearly 2,000 attendees.

In 2015, the projected tour throughout the country is predicted to reach 10,000 people.

After performances in HCM City at 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh St tonight at 8.30pm and tomorrow, the group will tour in Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hoi An, Hue, Nha Trang, and rural Vietnamese communities.

The performances are expected to capture the heart of the Vietnamese people by illustrating the country’s historically rich and cultural experiences.

Standpoint Theories will include performers Ly and her American friends David Moses Haimovich, Bryon Ramsey, Leonard Rudd, Daniel Long, Emily Navarra, Julien Noyer, Julian Hodgson and Miki Morana, all of whom have lived in Viet Nam for several years.

After earning fame beyond Viet Nam, Ly studied Vietnamese traditional music and culture while living in Ha Noi.