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Top Vietnamese designers ready for spotlight in Italy

Four leading Vietnamese designers will show off their latest collections – highlighting traditional Vietnamese textiles – at a fashion show in Italy, on September 17.

Top Vietnamese designers ready for spotlight in Italy
Top Vietnamese designers ready for spotlight in Italy

Renowned designer, and main act of the event, Minh Hanh plans to demonstrate her technical skill and spirit through a collection centred on contrasting fabrics, jean and brocade.

“My strong point is using traditional materials, especially brocade, but based on my own research, 80 per cent of people I see on Italian streets wear jeans.” Minh saw a challenge. “They are fabrics which are seemingly impossible to put together and that’s why I chose to combine the two. I want to show off my strengths and, at the same time, I want to satisfy local audiences with their favourite material.”

Lan Huong, a designer known for her ao dai (traditional long dress), will stay loyal to tradition with silk ao dai and hand embroidery.

Italy will also see the debut of a new form, elegant shawls embroidered with flowered patterns.

After Quang Nhat became the first designer to win the Viet Nam Design Star Contest last year, he travelled to Italy, South Korea and France to plan his entrance into the global fashion scene.

While thinking globally, he remains true to his homegrown inspiration through a collection inspired by the peaceful landscapes of Viet Nam’s rural areas.

Nhat will show off linens made by ethnic peoples in the mountainous province of Ha Giang, as well as handmade accessories depicting the beauty of Vietnamese ancient architecture.

Mekong Delta native, designer Cong Khanh rounds up the group. Khanh will portray his homeland via images of storks flying on boundless fields and sarus cranes, a vulnerable bird typical of the marshy countryside.

Each designer will display 10-15 outfits at the show. Designer Hanh said she recruited the three other designers in the fashion show because they are young emerging designers.

They impressed her with their willingness to learn from and integrate into the global fashion scene.

“Their collections describe them as designers who dare to experiment with new things,” Hanh said. “They are also good at English and that helps them communicate and exchange ideas with Italian fashion experts.”

“I believe that Vietnamese designers can get on well with Italian colleagues because they have the same passion for fashion and the same dream of creating a civilised professional fashion industry.”

The collections will be modeled by: Miss Viet Nam 2010, Ngoc Han; Miss Sea 2010, Nguyen Thi Loan; Miss Photogenic 2002, Phuong Lien, and Italian models.

The fashion show will take place at Palazzo Braschi – Museo Di Roma, a castle from the Renaissance period (1782 – 1812) that continues its artistic heritage. The castle stores art masterpieces and host a variety of art and fashion events.

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Hoang Long will announce the establishment of the Italy-Viet Nam Fashion Council. The council will be in charge of drafting a co-operation plan to continue the sustainable development of the fashion industry between the two countries.

The council is comprised of well-known designers from the two countries and will be headed by President Stephano Dominella of Gattinoni and Vietnamese designer Minh Hanh.

The fashion show, part of Viet Nam Culture Week in Italy, was jointly organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy and the Italian Embassy in Viet Nam.