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Singers splurge on music videos

As the year-end season comes to an end, young singers are releasing new and catchy music videos (MV) after long days of working in the studio.

Singers splurge on music videos
Singers splurge on music videos

In Noo Phuoc Thinh’s Gat Di Nuoc Mat (Drying Tears), a group of boys dressed in black dance in a room as the singer in white stands in the middle. Thinh, the country’s latest pop sensation, appears in the video, even though he usually records in a studio.

Before launching his MV in HCM City, Thinh said: “I spent VND500 million (US$23,800) on shooting my new production. I worked several hours a day with my producer, fashion stylist and choreographer as well to combine music with beautiful images.”

“I wanted my album to be ready to take on the fierce competition in the industry,” said the 25-year-old, who shot to fame after just two years of singing professionally.

Thinh’s MV became one of the top hits this year since its release two weeks ago, with the visuals leaving the strongest impression on his fans, most of whom are teenagers.

More than three millions fans have downloaded his song on Zing MP3, a popular music channel in Viet Nam.

Thinh is not the only one focusing on visuals. More and more young singers are going down the same road, using complex orchestrations and dazzling images.

Tia Hai Chau, 21, winner of the Vietnamese version of the Netherlands-based TV game show The Winner Is last year, made waves after releasing her first MV last month.

In Out of Control, Chau performed as a mannequin who has a soul and tries to find her true love.

Her MV was directed and filmed like a movie by her producer, Universal Studios.

Out of Control will air on music channels like Itunes, Spotify and Deer.

Early this year, young singers Trung Quan, Truc Nhan and Truong Thao Nhi also released their MVs and attracted millions of fans on online music channels.

The Saigon Tourist Cable Television’s YanTV, a channel broadcasting Vietnamese and foreign music, attracted a large audience by showing young performers who want to be as meticulous as their international counterparts when recording albums.

Many MVs on YanTV were shot at famous locations and produced by experienced crews of Vietnamese and foreign experts.

Pop stars like Ho Ngoc Ha and Quang Dung are no exception to the trend. They have invested a lot in their new albums, appealing to fan with their unique voice and dancing, and their videos that resemble movies.

Ha’s latest MV Co Don Giua Cuoc Tinh (Lonely in Love) used 3D technology.