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Patriotic singer evokes love for country

For Trong Tan, who has been singing patriotism-themed songs for more than 20 years, it is a calling.

Patriotic singer evokes love for country
Patriotic singer evokes love for country

Though he has released 11 solo albums featuring compositions in this period, his debut live show on Saturday at Ha Noi’s Cultural Friendship Palace attracted more than 1,000 people.

Speaking to Dep magazine before the event, he said: “I have improved myself through singing pieces of this music genre.

“Through the music, I can improve my heart and soul.”

A native of Thanh Hoa Province, Tan began his professional career after graduating from the Ha Noi Music Conservatory in 1997.

He chose the realm of patriotic music. But it was no walk in the park since the genre used three styles of music – folk, musical, and opera – with each requiring specific vocal skills.

“This type of music is a mixture of imposing and romantic elements.

“I’m very happy to follow in the footsteps of older generations and work with young singers like Dang Duong, Viet Hoan, Anh Tho, and Lan Anh, to spread the music among youth.”

When he sings songs about the country, people and soldiers, he feels like a true artist.

His favourite songs include Tren Dinh Truong Son Ta Hat (We Sing on Top of Truong Son), Noi Dao Xa (Faraway Islands), Dat Nuoc Tron Niem Vui (The Country in Complete Joy) and Ve Tham Me (Visiting Mother) by stalwarts like Hoang Ha, Huy Du, and The Song.

In these songs, his voice is powerful, making them popular even among pop music fans.

“After listening to Tan, I feel my homeland, Viet Nam, deep inside my body and soul,” 19-year-old Tran Thi My Hao, a Tan fan living in HCM City, said.

“No one can sing as well about love for the country and people without thinking of money and glory.”

Tan has also bowled over audiences with folk songs like Rang Tram Bau (Row of Tram Bau Tree) by Thai Co and Me Yeu Con (Mother Loves Child) by Nguyen Van Ty.

Through traditional songs, Tan has found the way to win the hearts of music lovers, both old and young, especially those living in remote areas and enjoying music on the radio.

“Through Tan’s voice, traditional and patriotism-themed songs are young forever,” musician and music producer Hong Kien gushed.

“Skilled singers like Tan can evoke love for music among young people.”

The 38-year-old singer said, “My love for the music genre keeps my voice healthy.”