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Canadian dancer says Life is a Game

“Anyone who has had a dream, anyone who is passionate about anything, anyone who is working towards success or has met success, anyone who struggles or struggled with challenges can relate to this show,” choreographer John Huy Tran says about his upcoming urban dance show Song – Life Is a Game.

Canadian dancer says Life is a Game
Canadian dancer says Life is a Game

The show, at the Hoa Binh Theatre in HCM City on October 4, will be “a fusion of street styles, jazz, contemporary, and even some ballet”.

“It’s a story based on everyday obstacles and surroundings,” Tran said.

“There is nothing false in these stories, it’s a very personal story and I will share the good, bad, happy and sad details … and that is something we can all relate to.”

The Canadian dance professional has now been working in Viet Nam for seven years as dance producer, choreographer, and performance advisor for many popular TV shows.

He runs Urban Dance Group, a dynamic young dance group.

Linh Rateur, the show’s artistic director, said Tran’s life story is the source of Song – Life Is a Game, which would be a very audience-interactive presentation.

Tran said Song is about life, the way of life, living life, being alive, the importance of having dreams, being passionate, working towards success, and conquering daily challenges in life.

“Life is a game, because when you think about it, in life we gain experience, and the more experience we get, the smarter we become … hopefully we make the right choices. And if we don’t, we learn from our mistakes and we grow.

“[The show] is full of dance, music, urban culture, story-telling, and lots of emotion.

“I want to show how all of this can be incorporated in a way that will make the audience more curious about what they know about dance.”

There will be around 17 pieces accompanied by an eclectic mixture of R&B, pop, ballad, instrumental, violins, electric beats, underground music, and commercial fused with urban street style.

The 30-odd dancers from Urban Dance Group will be joined by guest stars like pop singers My Tam and Phuong Vy (winner of the 2007 Vietnam Idol), beatboxer Mr.T, hip hop and break dancers Vietmax and Ha Le, and graffiti artists group The Saigon Project.

Tickets to the show cost VND200,000-800,000 and VND90,000 for students.