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Argentine book honours Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent Le Quang Son in Buenos Aires and representatives of the Argentine publisher Acercadonos Ediciones pose for a photo with the newly-released book of President Ho Chi Minh.

Argentine book honours Ho Chi Minh
Argentine book honours Ho Chi Minh

Photo Minh Tam

BUENOS AIRES – Argentine publisher Acercadonos Ediciones has released a book to honour former President Ho Chi Minh of Viet Nam.

Acercandonos Ediciones Editor Fernando Roperto told Vietnam News Agencys correspondent in Buenos Aires that the newly published book, Selected Works of Ho Chi Minh, is part of a collection named after Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara. The collection features classic works of the Marxist-Leninist ideology and the proletarian leaders in the world.

Roperto said the book was printed to honour Ho Chi Minhs ideology and to give readers an insight into the glorious wars of resistance against foreign invaders by the Vietnamese people.

The book opens with a speech by Ho Chi Minh (then known as Nguyen Ai Quoc) at the 18thCongress of the Socialist Party of France in Tours in December 1920, and ends with his testament, a valuable document that crystallises the moral quintessence and fine soul of Minh as well as the fundamental content and standpoints of his ideology.

The book also presents speeches, articles, letters, reports, lectures, appeals and media interviews of the late President, showcasing his theoretical viewpoints, paths and revolutionary methods which resulted in a resounding triumph for the nationalliberation.

Roperto said the publisher plans to print many more books by Vietnamese authors to enable readers in Argentina to know more about Viet Nams past and present.

Acercndonos Ediciones specialises in printing works by renowned ideologists and young authors, whose writings focus on politics, philosophy, sociology, culture and art, contributing to the fight for development, social justice and solidarity in Latin America.

In 2013, the Gioi Publisher of Viet Nam co-ordinated with Cienflores Publisher of Argentina in releasing two works of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Con Nguoi va Vu Khi (People and Weapons) and Chien Tranh Nhan Dan, Quan Doi Nhan Dan (Peoples War, Peoples Army). Currently, the Cienflores Publisher plans to print more books by the General as well as late President Minh.