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Japan’s National Football League Urawa Red Diamonds Collaborates with Minkabu for NFT Launch, Powered by THXNET.’s Blockchain Infrastructure

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 4 December 2023 – Urawa Red Diamonds (Urawa Reds), a leading football club in the Japan League, has announced a landmark venture into the digital asset space through a collaboration with Minkabu, leveraging the advanced blockchain technology provided by THXNET. This initiative represents a significant stride in integrating innovative digital solutions in sports.


Minkabu, renowned for its financial information media services for investors, has taken a pioneering step by partnering with Urawa Reds to launch a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. This venture is facilitated by the Minkabu wallet, a central element in the ecosystem powered by THXNET.
THXNET., a cutting-edge blockchain hybrid infrastructure, provides comprehensive Layer 0 (L0) and Layer 1 (L1) support and blockchain solutions. This robust infrastructure is instrumental in enabling Minkabu wallet to launch the Urawa Reds NFT collection on the THXNET.’s blockchain, setting a new standard in the intersection of sports and technology.
A notable feature of this NFT initiative is its accessibility. Japanese football fans and prospective buyers can purchase these NFTs without the need for a traditional crypto asset wallet, thanks to the infrastructure provided by THXNET. within the Minkabu wallet. This approach is designed to make NFTs more accessible to a wider audience, thus expanding the reach of digital collectibles in the sports community.
Minkabu’s entry into the NFT market is backed by a strong belief in the sector’s potential for exponential growth. The company foresees a fourfold increase in the market size within a year and is actively seeking to expand its alliance network to foster this growth.


Minkabu is set to revolutionize fan engagement for Urawa Reds through the introduction of a bespoke NFT platform, harnessing the power of blockchain technology, offering exclusive digital content, including rare memorial videos, audio clips, and photographs, each accompanied by a digital certificate. These unique items will be available in limited quantities, creating an exclusive experience for Urawa Reds fans within a dedicated community.
The innovation does not stop there. These NFTs are designed to be easily accessible, purchasable without the need for a cryptocurrency wallet. This feature not only simplifies the acquisition process but also provides fans with a novel way to support their favorite players while holding these digital assets as a form of asset value.
In an exciting development, Minkabu is also integrating this technology with retail experiences. A new function is in the works that will connect online shop products and in-store goods. Customers purchasing specific products will have the opportunity to obtain an NFT card through a QR code, seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds.
Leveraging Minkabu’s expertise in AI and blockchain technology through THXNET.’s infrastructure, this initiative marks the beginning of an expansive journey into various sectors, starting with sports. Minkabu is committed to providing innovative NFT products that redefine the way fans interact with their beloved sports teams.
This collaboration between Urawa Reds, Minkabu, and THXNET. demonstrates a shared vision for innovation in sports engagement and a commitment to pioneering the integration of blockchain technology in football.
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About Urawa Reds

Urawa Red Diamonds, commonly referred to as Urawa Reds, and formerly known as Mitsubishi Urawa Football Club from April 1992 to January 1996, is a professional football team located in Saitama, within the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. Competing in the J1 League, the highest level of football in the nation, the club holds a significant presence in Japanese football.

About Minkabu

The company oversees prominent media platforms in Japan, including “MINKABU,” an asset-building information outlet, and “Kabutan,” a dedicated stock information source. These channels offer a wide range of financial information, encompassing cryptocurrency, forex, commodity futures, mutual funds, insurance, real estate, and stocks. Additionally, the company delivers innovative solutions to financial institutions by leveraging user-generated content and AI-driven big data analysis for instant content generation.


At THXNEX, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Web3 technology, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape. Our core proposition revolves around the concept of Web3-as-a-Service (Web3aaS), embodying the next evolution in online experiences. Central to our offering is a dedicated Layer 1 (L1) infrastructure, meticulously facilitated by the robust THXNET Layer 0 (L0) Rootchain. This foundation is powered by the cutting-edge Substrate framework, fine-tuned to perfection by the experts at THXLAB.

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