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ISHCMC graduates find path to flourish

Through adversity and two years of sheer resilience, every IB Diploma student from International School Ho Chi Minh City’s class of 2022 has flourished in their own way.

As one of the leading international schools in Vietnam, ISHCMC has a rich 28-year history of student achievement. The class of 2022 was no exception, with one student, Seoyeon Hong, achieving a perfect score of 45 points in the IB Diploma.

Mike Hebert, ISHCMC director of admissions and market growth, said: “The result puts her in the 99.7th percentile among students studying the IB Diploma Program globally. That is a true testament to the education students at ISHCMC are receiving and one that the whole community is proud of.”

Seoyeon Hong, who achieved a perfect score.

Seoyeon Hong, who achieved a perfect score. Photo courtesy of ISHCMC

Another student that has flourished under ISHCMC’s educational environment is Junsoo Chung. Junsoo Chung joined ISHCMC in grade 2. Junsoo recounts: “I arrived at school with no English language. On my first day, a classmate shared with me a copy of “Star Wars,” that book helped me kickstart my English skills.”

Junsoo is one of many recent graduates from ISHCMC’s class of 2022 and is a shining example of the ISHCMC learner. As the president of the ISHCMC Entrepreneur Society, he has networked with people from different backgrounds and engaged with diverse perspectives. Having received 42 points in the IB Diploma Program, scoring a 7 (the highest grade possible) in Biology, Mathematics Analysis & Approaches, and Business Management, Junsoo hopes to take what he has learned at ISHCMC and apply it to his further education at Boston College. His ultimate goal is, “to work with an NGO and institutionalize climate education in Southeast Asia. “I want to make sure every school has a climate curriculum,” he explains.

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Junsoo Chung. Photo courtesy of ISHCMC

The IB Diploma Program also allowed Japanese student, Karen Oda, the opportunity to flourish. Joining in grade 9, Karen found life at ISHCMC to be incredibly rewarding. “Art was my favorite subject – it allowed me to express not only myself but my individual culture.” Scoring a total 30 points means Karen has been given an unconditional offer to the University of Adelaide, ranked in the Top 100 universities in the world, to study Nutrition. As she looks back on her education she says: “I am very grateful that ISHCMC gave me the opportunity to discover my passion.”

Karen Oda

Karen Oda. Photo courtesy of ISHCMC

A member of ISHCMC’s swimming team and long serving house captain, Drew Moreno explains, “there’s always been a culture of care at ISHCMC and I think that’s really important when you move to a new school. The school has changed so much since I arrived 11 years ago but its sense of community has stayed the same.” Having achieved 37 total points and a 7 in his Environmental Systems & Societies subject, Drew has accepted an offer to Wheaton College where he will be furthering his passion for environmental sustainability. “ISHCMC allowed me to discover passions I didn’t think I had and the teachers have always made it really easy to reach out to them,” he said as he reflected on his time at school.


Graduation day for the ISHCMC class of 2022. Photo courtesy of ISHCMC

ISHCMC, an international school in HCMC offering the full International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, recognizes the important role education plays in allowing students to make choices in often complex and ambiguous environments. ISHCMC utilizes the flexibility of the International Baccalaureate programs to encourage an inclusive, broad and balanced approach to learning through inquiry, exploration of concepts, principled and caring citizenship, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication and connectivity.

Through the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program, students like Seoyeon, Junsoon, Karen, Drew and others develop the foundational skills that prepare them for excellence long after they leave school. The IB programs provide an education that enables learners to make sense of the world around them resulting in internationally-minded people, equipping them with the skills and dispositions needed for taking responsible action for the future. Furthermore, the education at ISHCMC at all grades crosses disciplinary, cultural, national, and geographical boundaries.

Kim Green, ISHCMC’s head of school, explains: “Students are encouraged to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to have ownership and take responsibility for their learning and their lives.” Green goes on to say that “Through learning in a collaborative, constructive environment our students deepen their understanding and create new perspectives that prepare them for life beyond ISHCMC.”

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