Sunday , May 26 2024

Is it good to exfoliate the skin?

I took up the habit of exfoliating so that my skin could be fairer and smoother. May I ask if this habit has any bad consequences? (Ngan, 30, HCMC)


Skin cells, similar to any other cells, go through every stage of a life span: being born, developing, growing, and dying. Exfoliating may interfere in this natural process and cause consequences.

Dead cells are those that have grown mature and are no longer able to perform biological activities. Our bodies automatically get rid of them without us having to “exfoliate.”

Exfoliating removes keratinocytes on the skin’s outermost surface, making our skin appear fairer and smoother. However, despite being rough, the keratinocytes act as a “shield” for the skin, preventing the skin from being dried and affected by external factors from the outer environment.

Therefore, exfoliating may actually harm the skin, as doing so removes this “shield.”

In summary, exfoliating too much may have adverse effects on your skin. You should nurture your skin and allow it to follow its natural rhythm instead.

Dr. Le Thai Van Thanh

Department of Dermatology

University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City

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