Friday , May 24 2024

I’m pregnant, but my boyfriend’s mother opposes marriage

I’m 27 years old. I’m financially stable with a good job. I’ve been pursued by many men. My current boyfriend works in tech.

We’re happily in love and look forward to a happy future. When we started dating, we realized that we were quite compatible, and I have trust in our love.

My boyfriend’s parents know that we live together and seem comfortable about it. His parents even send us food. His dad also likes me because he likes smart and independent women.

My parents work for state-owned companies. They’re financially stable and only want me to live nearby. However, since I love my boyfriend, I plan to move to Hanoi to be with him after we get married. My parents don’t object.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend’s family situation is much more complicated: his parents are already divorced, his mother has a heart problem, his father now lives with a new wife, and his father and his new wife have two small children.

Overall, his family situation is not a big problem for me. I know his mom is sick, and that people around her often find her irritating. Despite that, I still care about her. She’s said that she always wishes me happiness, whether or not my boyfriend and I get married.

And yet, when she found out I was pregnant, she became stressed and started ignoring me, never mentioned the wedding, and always complaining about her health problems, all of which made my boyfriend very frustrated.

However, he’s been indecisive on this matter because he’s afraid that his mother’s health might get worse if he disturbs her with news she doesn’t want to hear.

His father is also concerned for his mother’s health, so he also doesn’t intervene. So, we’re all waiting for my boyfriend’s mother to decide our fates.

I’m so sad.

I can’t imagine how an ill woman can be so ruthless. His mother questions why we need to get married, and what would happen if we break up. She also said that there is no man as good as her son. I can’t understand how she could say such things. Maybe she simply loves her son too much, or she does not believe in true love.

Several days after finding out that I’m pregnant, my boyfriend still assures me that he wants to keep the baby. He’s advised me to stay healthy, and insists that we should stay together, get a marriage certificate and ignore the opinions of his parents. However, I think as a woman, my happiness would be more complete if I had an official wedding. I don’t want either myself or my parents to be in an unofficial situation.

Currently, I’m six weeks pregnant. I’m an economics lecturer and quite financially stable, enough to take care of my child if I become a single mom.

But my parents don’t want me to be an unmarried mother. If my situation gets more difficult, I will abort the baby. I think I can’t live in this circumstances – with an indecisive boyfriend in such a complicated family situation.

I look forward to receiving your advice, dear readers.

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