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‘I live a financially prosperous life’: actor Quoc Truong

Actor Quoc Truong has said he is leading a financially rich life thanks to owning a dozen-branch restaurant chain and a cosmetics brand.

Actor Quoc Truong. Photo courtesy of Truong

Actor Quoc Truong. Photo courtesy of Truong

“I launched two new restaurant branches each month despite the post-pandemic economic struggles that are making many businesses close and many factory workers lose their jobs,” the actor told VnExpress. “I have recently launched my own cosmetics brand as well.”

Truong cited various reasons behind his success, including his thorough life planning and his companions.

“I have not participated in any movie projects since my most recent movie “Ke An Danh” (Bad Blood), which premiered in August this year,” Truong said. “I wanted to focus on my plan for launching dozens of new branches of my restaurant chain.”

His successful business performances have allowed him to lead a wealthy life, he said. Still, he claims to not consider his wealth the most important aspect in his life.

“I always aim for a free and peaceful life,” the actor said.

He added that his life was navigated by Buddhist beliefs, and he prioritizes simplicities in life, not wealth and fame.

“I have never judged anyone based on their social status or financial ability,” he said. “I can talk for hours to a moto taxi driver or a homeless man I randomly see on the street.”

“I live my life in a non-calculating manner and know how to give [what I have to others].”

The actor believes it is his attitude in life that allows him to work four to five times more effectively than others, since his mind is not occupied by worries, envy, and greed.

Not bound by any personal materialistic needs, Truong said his ultimate purpose was not increasing his net worth but having enough savings to establish an educational fund in the future. He said he was planning to sell all of his properties, except for his house, and subsequently send all of the money he makes to the fund. He hopes he can help more people by doing so.

“The greatest asset people can have is wisdom,” he said.

Truong, 35, was born Nguyen Quoc Truong in the Mekong Delta city Can Tho.

His parents were professors at Can Tho University, though his father had to pause his teaching career for a while to work as a moto taxi driver while his mother had to quit to run a convenience store, as their incomes as university professors were not enough to cover the family’s expenses.

Truong had to work as a lottery ticket vendor and a construction builder when he was young to support his family financially.

He made his screen debut in 2009 and has become a prominent actor.

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