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I have spent nearly $8,000 on taxis in 10 years after buying a car

I have never regretted spending nearly VND2 million (US$78.5) per month on taxis despite owning a car.

About 10 years ago, my neighbor listed their house at VND830 million. At that time, I had the money but decided not to buy the property. I chose to buy a car instead, which set me back VND780 million, because I always prioritized my family’s safety and comfort.

Now that real estate prices have skyrocketed, many people said they feel sorry for me because I did not buy the cheap house back then. However, I have never regretted that decision.

In reality, my car is only used for traveling to and from my hometown, which is about 55 kilometers away, and for other daily activities. Additionally, I have been paying nearly VND2 million per month on taxi rides whenever I go out for drinks, as I never drive after drinking. So far, I have spent over VND200 million on taxis since I bought my car.

My child has two more years until she graduates from university and starts work. I always encourage my child to learn to drive early and am ready to buy a car for them to use as soon as they get their licenses. I do not want my child to ride a motorbike daily given the current traffic conditions.

Nowadays, cars are very affordable if we do not choose luxury brands. What’s important is that it provides excellent protection for our safety, health, and lives.

Many people view a car as a bad purchase due to its price and expenses, but they often neglect to consider the quality of life that it brings.

If a car is viewed in the same long-term perspective as a motorcycle, which is often considered worthwhile over decades of use, it too proves to be a valuable investment.

So what are your thoughts on owning a car?

Reader Ha Anh

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