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Healthy habits helps woman cut 12 cm off waist in three months

Vu Thi Minh Hang, 31, has become more confident after losing 12 cm off her waist in three months thanks to taking up a healthy diet and exercise.

Currently an online nutrition coach, Hang says she is healthy and always full of energy thanks to applying the correct diet and exercising.

With her height at 1.57 meters, Hang’s weight remained at 57 kg after her second child delivery in 2021. Her skin was sagged and she had a lot of stretch marks, making her frustrated every time she saw herself in the mirror. However, it was impossible for her to focus on losing weight given her busy schedule taking care of her two children.

Hang weighed 57 kg after her second child delivery in 2021. Photo courtesy of Hang

Hang weighed 57 kg after her second child delivery in 2021. Photo courtesy of Hang

As her children grew up, Hang was motivated to lose weight for her own health’s sake. She attended a nutrition course in Sep. 2022, where she gained knowledge about healthy weight loss methods. Based on what she learnt from the course, she decided to work on cutting down her calorie intake.

Health experts suggest that the key principle behind weight loss is a calorie deficit, which is defined as taking in the body less calories than it burns.

To take in her body less energy, Hang prioritized consuming raw foods and vegetables, which contain low amounts of calories, in her daily diet. She also ensured that her body was provided with all necessary nutrient groups – including carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, and vitamins and minerals – everyday.

For her protein sources, Hang chose protein-rich vegetables, poultry, and seafood instead of red meat. She also made sure that she drank enough water throughout the day.

Regarding her cooking methods, Hang mainly ate boiled dishes, as the method allowed her to preserve her dishes’ nutrition values while not adding excessive calories.

Her daily food intake was divided into five to six meals throughout the day, as doing so helped her avoid the feeling of hunger.

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, head of the Gastroenterology Department at National Military Hospital 108, confirms the effects of Hang’s method, saying that having several meals throughout the day helps boost the effects of weight loss because it helps control hunger, speed up the metabolism process, lower the possibility of accumulating fats, and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Tuan recommends those that want to lose weight have five to six meals throughout the day, with the interval between two consecutive meals being two to three hours.

Providing the body with all nutrients groups is also advised by the doctor.

Hang has shed 12 cm off her waist measurement after following healthy diet and exercise plans. Photo courtesy of Hang

Hang has shed 12 cm off her waist measurement after following healthy diet and exercise plans. Photo courtesy of Hang

Hang successfully lost 11 kg to reach 46 kg after three months adapting diet. She also shed 12 cm off her waist to reach a 71-centimeter measurement, and she felt much healthier and more energetic. Her sleep quality also significantly improved.

She has taken up the habit of running four to six times a week, one to five kilometers each time, to maintain her post-weight loss figure.

A report by the American Fitness Association claimed that running helps people burn more calories than swimming, cycling, or even skiing, making it one of the best exercises for those that want to lose weight.

From her own experience, Hang says 80% of the efficiency of a weight loss process comes from diet, while the remaining 20% comes from exercise. She suggests that following scientifically-proven diet plans is better than applying unhealthy methods like skipping meals or using pills, explaining that she feels like she looks better thanks to her healthy diet and exercise plan.

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