Sunday , May 28 2023

Half-Vietnamese star Christy Chung denies being forced to have children

Actress Christy Chung has denied that her 12-year-younger husband Shawn Zhang forced her to have children.

Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41. Photo by Christy Chung Weibo

Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41. Photo by Christy Chung Weibo

Many social media users are spreading rumors about Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41, Sohu reported.

The gossip varies from accusations that “Shawn Zhang is having an affair, and took his mistress home” to “Shawn Zhang is pressuring Christy Chung to have children at age 53.”

On her social media account, Chung said she was sad her husband was the target of false accusations.

“I know that the public are interested in celebrities’ private lives. However, please don’t spread false information and ungrounded accusations,” she wrote.

Chung said her husband was very considerate but this was not widely acknowledged, and she saw it as her duty to clarify information to protect her husband and his family.

“I am treasured by my husband and parents-in-law. I treasure them too, so I hope they don’t get hurt,” she said.

Chung was born in Canada, to a Chinese-Vietnamese father and a native Vietnamese mother. Chung was married twice before getting hitched to Zhang, and changed her three daughters’ surnames to his.

The actress has starred in “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils,” “Mermaid Got Married,” and “Love on Delivery.”

In 2000, she was voted the “Sexiest Woman In Asia” by a Singapore magazine.

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