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Hà Nội pilots shared bicycle and pedestrian lane along Tô Lịch River

The bicycle path along the Tô Lich River will be pilot for traffic from February 1. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — The Hà Nội Transport Department has just issued a document on piloting a separated bicycle lane along the Tô Lịch River.

Accordingly, the route from Mọc Bridge to Yên Hòa Bridge in Cầu Giấy District, previously for pedestrians, is now for both cyclists and pedestrians.

In particular, the bicycle path is 3m wide for two-way traffic, while the walking path is 1m wide. The route is not open to electric bicycles.

Currently, the department is urgently renovating and completing the bicycle route.

The works include painted lines between bicycle lanes and pedestrian lanes. Accordingly, bicycles will be allowed to circulate in the lane adjacent to the edge of Tô Lịch River, while people will walk in the lane adjacent to Láng Street.

According to the department’s director Nguyễn Phi Thường, public bicycles are an indispensable element to develop public transport, gradually limiting personal means of transport.

In developed countries, China particularly, public bicycles are a focus within investment and development, said Thường.

It is expected that today, the Department of Transport will put this dedicated bicycle route into operation.

The route is capable of connecting Láng Station of Cát Linh- Hà Đông Urban Railway and Station No. 8 of Nhổn- Hà Nội Urban Railway.

Along the route, there are six public bicycle stations connecting to dozens of bus routes, including the station in front of the University of Transport and Láng Station.

This is the first and very important public piece of the capital’s public transport network, Thường said.

The unit operating the public bicycle rental service said it will add about 100 bicycles to serve the travel needs of people.

During the pilot period, the department will proactively evaluate and carefully analyse the shortcomings to make appropriate adjustments if necessary, ensuring stable and smooth traffic and reducing traffic congestion.

In November last year, the department proposed to set up two bicycle routes. The first route is along Tô Lịch River and the second one is around Hòa Bình Park and Hoàng Minh Thảo Street in Cầu Giấy District.

Hà Nội’s pilot arrangement of separate routes for bicycles is considered a great step forward and demonstrates the capital’s determination to develop public transportation, said Thường. — VNS

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