Monday , December 11 2023

Exhibition showcases Đông Sơn Culture in Ninh Bình


Bronze drums are among the antiques on display at the exhibition. — VNA/VnExpress News Photo Đức Phương

NINH BÌNH — An exhibition displaying objects and antiques related to Đông Sơn Culture and various dynasties in Vietnamese history, is being organised at Tràng An-Ninh Bình Antique Association headquarters, northern province of Ninh Bình.

Themed Ninh Bình-Nghìn Năm Văn Hiến (Ninh Bình-Thousand Years of Civilisation), the exhibition is co-organised by Ninh Bình Province’s Department of Culture and Sports and Tràng An-Ninh Bình Antique Association as one activity to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of the province (April 1, 1992 – April 1, 2022).

The highlighted objects include collections of bronze coins dating back from the 10th to 20th centuries, and items of the Đinh-Early Lê,  Lý-Trần and Lê-Nguyễn dynasties. There are also ancient objects originating from China and Japan.

This cultural event aims to introduce the valuable collections by local collectives and individuals to the public, and create chances for collectors to share their passions.

At the same time, it is expected to enhance the awareness and responsibilities of preserving and promoting the values of such precious objects.

The exhibition will run until April 1.

Đông Sơn Culture (dated from the seventh century BC to the first – second century AD) was a Metal Age in ancient Việt Nam. It was named by archaeologists for the Đông Sơn Village on the banks of Mã River, Thanh Hóa City where a number of bronze items were accidentally discovered in 1924.

The remains of Đông Sơn Culture are very numerous, diverse and unique, with a high quality and aesthetic, according to the Việt Nam National Museum of History.

They are made of various materials, including iron, ceramic, stone, glass and wood – but most in bronze, it said.

They are classified into different collections such as production tools, domestic wares, weapons, musical instruments, jewellery, works of art and miniatures. Together, those collections establish the characteristics of the great development of the Đông Sơn civilisation.

Đông Sơn drums (also called Heger Type 1 drums according to F. Heger’s classification) are bronze drums fabricated by the Đông Sơn culture and one of the finest examples of Vietnamese ancient bronze casting technique.

They were perhaps used as one kind of important musical instrument initially, but step by step, they became the symbol of power of Đông Sơn tribe leaders and representing for the survival of the Lạc Việt Community. — VnExpress News

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