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In Vietnam, ex-lecturer sues university president over alleged wrongdoing, victimization

A former lecturer of a university in Ho Chi Minh City has filed a complaint to a local court, saying he was forced to resign after exposing many alleged wrongdoings of the president and his deputy.  

In Vietnam, ex-lecturer sues university president over alleged wrongdoing, victimization
In Vietnam, ex-lecturer sues university president over alleged wrongdoing, victimization

On Wednesday morning, the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City organized a press briefing in relation to a complaint lodged by Tran Tan Chinh, who was a lecturer in the Management Information System Faculty, to a court against the president, Ly Hoang Anh, and his deputy, Le Sy Dong, who is also the dean of the faculty.

Chinh alleged in his complaint that Anh had issued decisions to appoint the dean and vice-dean of the said faculty in breach of regulations.

He also listed many purported wrongdoings which he said had happened at the university, including running training programs without consulting the scientific council, employing fewer teachers than required by current regulations, and appointing a person with a doctoral degree earned overseas that has yet to be recognized in Vietnam to a managerial position, Chinh said.

He added that before filing his complaint to the court, Chinh had submitted his accusations to many competent agencies.

In August 2013, Anh appointed Dong, 56 then, his deputy while pursuant to a current rule, the age of a vice-president must not be above 55, Chinh said.

At that time, Dong had no prior experience of working in a managerial position in education, as required by regulations, the complaint said.

Dong was appointed dean of the Management Information System Faculty even though he has no professional knowledge of this field, Chinh said.

The legality of his doctoral degree is now in doubt, Chinh added in his complaint.

As far as Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper has known, Dong has a master’s degree in probability and statistics granted by a teacher training university in Hanoi in 1981 and a doctoral degree in applied mathematics conferred by Poland’s Silesian University of Technology in 1989.

Chinh also accused Anh of appointing Nguyen Van Thi, a lecturer with a doctorate in business administration granted by U.S.-based Apollos University, vice-dean of the said faculty, although this degree has not been recognized in Vietnam.

When such an appointment was made, the faculty had a male lecturer with a doctoral degree in management information and through a voting session, all of the staffers of the faculty agreed to nominate him as a candidate for the post of the head of the faculty.

However, the university management rejected the nomination, Chinh complained.

He also pointed out that the dean of the corporate information system faculty has gone abroad for training since April 2014, leaving the faculty with no leader.

The e-commerce faculty does not have a head either, Chinh said.

He also accused Dong of forcing lecturers to accept training programs and not allowing them to voice opinions on such programs.

Chinh complained that Dong victimized him after he exposed his purported wrongdoings in building such training programs.

“After I gave my comments against the content of the training programs, Dong reviewed all my work during 2012-2013 and then did not allow me to continue it without giving any official notice,” Chinh said.

“Dong and Thi then convened several meetings during which they forced me to receive the heaviest penalty – dismissal.

“The school’s disciplinary council later only suggested a warning for me, but I realized that it was not easy for me to keep on working there, so I had no choice but to file a resignation.