Saturday , December 10 2022

DTS Group seeks investment opportunities for Korean startups

DTS Group aims at promoting startups to go global through establishing international collaboration and expanding its network.

Truong Gia Bao, Chairman of DTS Group, attended Demo Day on Sep. 26, in Korea. This program is part of the Global Startup Step-up (GSS) event series, which searches for and promotes outstanding projects in Korea.

At Demo Day, investors from DTS Group served as representatives of a startup arboretum to evaluate projects. The program attracted 180 projects, with the top 10 startups selected to compete in the final round.

“DTS Group is committed to promoting, connecting, and investing in Korean projects with DTS foundations,” said Truong Gia Bao.

The event is hosted by Startupbranch and sponsored by Korea International Trade Association (KITA). KITA is known as one of South Korea’s largest economic organizations and is made up of more than 70,000 member companies, representing a significant swath of the international trade community of Korea.

KITA manages overseas marketing and investment support, promotes international cooperation, conducts information provision and commercial research, and provides training of international trade experts and trade-related consultants.

“This will be an annual event to boost partnership between the two countries, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Vietnam-Korea relations,” he added.

Recently, DTS Group collaborated with Pocket company, an O2O payment and blockchain development firm based in Seoul to cultivate investment projects and foster business relationships between both markets.

DTS Group is a consortium of technology and communications companies providing support to the digital transformation of SMEs.

DTS also has support centers like DTS Media offering training, event hosting, and connecting investment funds with startups. Since 2021, DTS Group has supported blockchain startup projects with the establishment of the DTS Foundation center.

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