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Chin-su introduces seasoning collection, instant pho at Seoul Food 2023

Chin-su, a brand of Masan Consumer, is accelerating its “Go global” strategy by introducing the Chin-su seasoning and pho collection to conquer the Korean market.

South Korea is a key market for Masan Consumer Company (MCH), where the company has introduced a series of Chin-su branded products. The company brought its range of chili sauce, seasoning granule, fish sauce, soy sauce, and instant pho to Seoul Food 2023.

Pham Hong Son, Vice General Director of Masan Consumer Company, said: “Masan Consumer wants to promote Vietnamese cuisine around the world through its Chin-su seasoning collection, instant pho, Vinacafé, etc., allowing everyone to enjoy Vietnamese food everywhere. Together with hundreds of domestic firms, Masan Consumer will contribute to the development of these key products on the global market.”

Masan Consumer is accelerating the strategy “Go Global – Around the World” with an aim to raise its revenue share from global markets from 4% to 15% by 2027. After Japan, Korea will be Chin-su’s next key market.

“The success in Japan serves as the catalyst for Masan’s products to enter big markets such as Korea, Australia, Europe, and those in North America,” Son added.

Chin-su’s representatives cut the ribbons to open Chin-su booth at Seoul Food Event 2023. Photo by Masan

Chin-su’s representatives cut the ribbons to open Chin-su booth at Seoul Food Event 2023. Photo by Masan

The product collection was developed based on thorough research of Korean food culture, with an aim to reflect global trends and bring Vietnamese food and brands to the world.

The Chin-su chili sauce collection introduced at Seoul Food 2023 has six variations. Among these, the Original version, with the warm spicy flavor of Vietnamese chili chi thien, in harmony with sour, salty, and sweet flavors, is a great match for Korean dishes, such as Korean pancake, fried chicken, fried mandu, Korean fish cake, and twisted potato. Introduced for the first time at the event was Bibim Hot Sauce, a bibimbap sauce that was inspired by Gochujang – the essence of Korean cuisine, intertwined with the Vietnamese taste from Chin-su Chili Sauce.

Chin-sus unique chili sauce collection at Seoul Food 2023. Photo by Masan

Chin-su’s unique chili sauce collection at Seoul Food 2023. Photo by Masan

This is also the first time Chin-su Chili Sauce has been available in tube version, aside from the signature Chin-su chili sauce bottle.

Chin-su seasoning granule is a combination of premium signature ingredients from Japan: shiitake mushroom and kombu dashi.

The broth, made from these two ingredients, has a light brown-yellow color, a light sweet taste, and a delicate aroma. The new Chin-su seasoning matches many dishes around the world. The seasoning can elevate the tastes of dishes, from Japanese udon soup to seaweed soup, and Tteokbokki – Korean rice cake.

Chin-su fish sauce is a premium fish sauce line that is made from carefully selected anchovies, fermented using a centuries-old traditional method in large wooden barrels. The fish sauce has amber color and offers robust savory along with a natural umami flavor to every dish.

Chin-su premium soy sauce is 100% naturally brewed from soybean with Japanese standards, which helps keep the best of soybeans’ natural flavors and enhances the salty-sweet taste of the soy sauce. With clean label & simple ingredients, Chin-su premium soy sauce is suitable for all sorts of cooking from dipping, stir-frying to stewing.

The traditional and refined flavors promise to captivate the taste buds of consumers. Photo by: Masan Consumer

Chin-su instant pho’s traditional and refined flavors promise to captivate the taste buds of consumers. Photo by Masan Consumer

Chin-su has launched an instant pho product named Pho Story, which is a journey of researching, preserving, and developing pho’s traditional taste.

The pho is elaborately made from well-selected ingredients to have a light sweet broth, and a good smell of beef combined with ginger, onion, and soft noodles. The flavor found in Pho Story allows us to enjoy a good bowl of pho and feel the traditional flavor in modern life wherever we are.

Chin-su seasoning collection and Pho Story will be available widely in Korea to serve Korean people as well as Vietnamese living, studying, and working in the country. In Vietnam, the collection will be expanded highlighting products matching the needs of local consumers.

According to the representative of Hyosung, the Korean distributor, the launch of the seasoning collection and instant pho in Korea shows the unique coalescence of the Vietnamese and Korean cuisines. The two countries have many similarities in cuisine, especially spices suchas chili, garlic, pepper, and green onion.

With a large population and many Vietnamese living there, Vietnamese food is favored by people in Korea. There are a wide range of Vietnamese eateries in the country.

“We are glad to see the Chin-su seasoning collection and Chin-su instant pho being launched officially in Korea. We will promptly deliver these products to Korean consumers,” Hyosung said.

Masan Consumer is one of the biggest consumer companies in Vietnam, producing and distributing food and beverages, including seasoning (fish sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, seasoning granule), instant food (noodles, quick breakfast food) and beverages (instant coffee, mineral water, and energy drinks).

The company was put into operation in 1996 and since then, developed products and distribution systems, and became the leading food and beverage brand in Vietnam.

Masan Consumer owns leading brands favored by many, including Chin-su, Omachi, Kokomi, Nam Ngu, Tam Thai Tu, Vinacafé, Wake-Up Saigon, Wake-Up 247, and Vinh Hao.

Seoul Food is an international food event held annually in Korea for B2B firms in the food and hospitality industries. This is the 41st year of the event. This year’s event is held at Kintex International Exhibition Center, attracting more than 1,000 firms from over 30 countries.

The leading companies in Korea such as CJ, Daesang, Ottgi, Lotte, E-mart, Costco Korea, Unilever, and Nestlé also attended the event.

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