Friday , April 20 2018
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Retail petrol prices kept stable

The retail prices of RON 92 petrol and E5 bio-fuel remained unchanged at VNĐ18,580 (81 US cents) and VNĐ18,243 per litre, respectively, at 3pm on Tuesday after continuous increases in recent months.
In addition, the price for oil was also kept stable at VNĐ13,617 per litre and mazut at VNĐ12,382 per kilo.
The price of diesel was slightly increased by VNĐ150 to VNĐ15,169 per litre.
The ministries of industry and trade, and finance said the decision came following a small decrease in the world petrol price.

The finance ministry also said average petrol price in the world market over the past 15 days had slightly decreased from $73.3 to $73.2 per barrel.
The ministries decided to use the petrol price stabilisation fund to stabilise retail prices.
Accordingly, RON 92 petrol was subsidised by VNĐ585 per litre and E5 bio-fuel by VNĐ604 per litre. The fund also used VNĐ388 for diesel, VNĐ485 for oil and VNĐ239 for mazut.
In the latest adjustment, the domestic retail price of RON 92 petroleum increased by VNĐ434 to trade at a maximum of VNĐ18,580 per litre
Petrol prices have seen less than 23 adjustments, so far, this year, with nine increases, nine decreases and four instances of staying unchanged.