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2024 Taipei New Year’s Party – Over 170,000 Gather to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Together! Surprise Stage Appearance by Asian Games, Asian Para Games, and Professional Athletes for Countdown and Taipei 101 Fireworks Lighting Up the Taipei Night Sky

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach Newswire – 11 January 2024 – The curtain has come down on the 2024 Taipei New Year’s Party, a grand success that brought together the strongest lineup of performance artists from around Taiwan, featured the first-ever 1+4 diversified stage set-up, and attracted more than 170,000 revelers. Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an and Asian Games, Asian Para Games, and professional athletes took the stage and together counted down to midnight, paired with the dazzling 300-second long “Colorful World” fireworks spectacular, joining everyone to spend New Year’s Eve together and welcome in the year 2024 filled with hope.
The dazzling Taipei 101 fireworks spectacular
The dazzling Taipei 101 fireworks spectacular

The Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government points out that this year’s Taipei New Year’s Eve Party had “Taipei Let’s Play” as theme, and on the main stage featured a relay show with a super-strong performance cast consisting of 15 sets of celebrities. Mavis hit the stage first to sing, warming things up for the full night of activities to come.
At 7pm the band 831 formally opened the show with the tune “Upside Down World.”Immediately following,WeiBird sang “Red Scarf” and other hits, and “Three Golden Melodies King” Crowd Lu performed “Crazy Disco,” “Your Name Engraved Herein,” and other tunes – at times psychedelic rock, at times soulful and poignant.
In addition, HUSH, Matzka, and LaLa Hsu shared a stage for the very first time, and the “Golden Melody 2 Kings & 1 Queen”trio delivered a high-powered performance, singing “Not Yet Lovers” together.The popular boy band IT BOYZ and O-Kai Singers joined hands in a cross-genre performance, singing “We Can Fight,” and members of the super-hot girl group SUNNY PARFUM from the hit reality show NEXT GIRLZ, TWINKLE BLACK, babyMINT, HUR+ CRIMZON, and CRYXTAL, came together to perform “The Future Is Now,” bringing tremendous energy and setting the stage on fire!
Next up, MIXER delivered a medley of Golden Melody award-winning tunes from hit drama film and television series such as Light the Night,Copycat Killer, DEMIGOD: The Legend Begins and The Pig, The Snake and The Pigeon, the distinctive MIXER rock style bringing scorching heat to the already passionate atmosphere. R&B princess Julia Wu designed a new repertoire for the Taipei stage.
South Korean star Hwasa graced the stage with her newest representative work, “I Love My Body.” Her wonderful dance skills riveted the attention of every person in attendance, bringing fever-pitch excitement to fans. Rock band Power Station rolled through a series of their classics, including “Dang,” “Walking Down Chung Hsiao East Road Nine Times,” and “Love Me True,” leading the crowd to sing along in unison.
Just before the big midnight countdown, a group of 27 accomplished athletes made a surprise appearance on stage, including boxer Huang Hsiao-wen, swimmer Wang Kuan-hung, table-tennis player Li Yi-ya, and sport shooters Lin Yi Chun and Lee Meng Yuan. In his speech, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an thanked the city government team for their dedicated efforts over the past year and thanked all citizens for their camaraderie and cooperation, emphasizing that Taipei City is constantly progressing, constantly changing, and has not only claimed first place in Taiwan’s City Happiness Survey but is one of the safest cities in the world. Also of great importance is the fact that after a wait of 32 years the Taipei Arena has finally been opened and has begun hosting international baseball games, and will be welcoming more sporting competitions and performance events in the future.
Mayor Chiang stated that this year’s stellar New Year’s Party activities were the result of dedicated cross-department collaboration by a city government team. A total of 1,700 police officers were mobilized, along with more than 700 cleaning-team personnel, over 100 firefighters, and the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s “Tidal Day Team.” Each of these individuals, he said, is a true city hero. In addition, continued the Mayor, each of the athletes who have taken part in the Olympics and Asian Games have represented themselves well, proclaiming “They are the pride of Taipei City!” Declaring that he believes the future will be ever better, he said that “Everything has begun anew, change has commenced! I wish everyone a Happy New Year!”
Welcoming in the new year 2024, the super-hot group Accusefive presented a rearrangement of their hit “Sun Chaser” specially for the Taipei show, performing in a collaboration with the orchestra Moment Musical, paired with a new MV shot with Taipei at night as the theme. Setting off another climactic wave for the New Year’s Party, they also performed other classics such as “Night Life. Take Us to the Light,” “Somewhere in Time,” and “Miss You Day and Night,” creating the perfect ending for the 2024 Taipei New Year’s Eve Party.
DOIT points out that to create the most wonderful and at the same time safest and most convenient New Year’s Party, the Taipei City Government team worked across departments, mobilizing personnel from numerous relevant units and organizations, including the Department of Health, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Department of Transportation, Police Department, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Social Welfare, Fire Department, Department of Information and Tourism, and private-sector volunteers. Over the course of the night a manpower total of about 7,000 was dispatched, strengthening traffic dispersion and on-site order and maintenance, garbage removal and environmental restoration in peripheral areas, etc. After the finish of the New Year’s Party activities, full dispersal was completed by 2 am, with the original order and appearance of the affected Taipei City zones systematically restored.
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