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Journey to discover Maldives in the heart of Vietnam

Coming to Ky Co (Binh Dinh), you will have the opportunity to see the wild, rustic beauty, immerse yourself in the clear blue water, eat fresh seafood and possess the “art” photos.

About 30 minutes by motorbike ride from Quy Nhon city center, Nhon Ly commune is a small fishing village that still retains its wild features with places such as Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon Scar … Green water color mixed with white sand, golden sunshine made superhearted devotees fall in love with the sea.

Thanks to the magic and beautiful scenery, Ky Co is likened to the version of the Maldives and becomes one of the most checked-in locations in Vietnam. Many young people also believe that this is the land “just need to raise the device and have good photos”. Nguyen Thanh Nhan (Ho Chi Minh City) shared with Vnexpressnew : “My photos taken in Ky Co do not need to be corrected, it is already shimmering. Clear water, golden sunshine is my motivation “

When you set foot on the island, the white sandy beach stretching under the tall rock will appear before your eyes. The craggy rocky mountain stretches straight to the sea, creating a scene both majestic and poetic. In Ky Co, sea water has two distinct colors. The water near the shore is blue and the seawater in the distance will be dark. At low tide, seawater recedes, visitors can enjoy playing soccer or volleyball on long and smooth sandy beaches …

The ideal time to visit Ky Co is from February to August. At this time, the climate is cool, pleasant, the number of tourists coming here is not too crowded so you can fully feel the beauty of the coastal city.

To discover the unspoiled beauty of this sea, you can hire a float boat or a self-driving surfing car to experience for yourself. The moments of being immersed in the emerald green water will make you dispel the fatigue of life.

Traveling to the sea without skipping delicious seafood is a big omission. After having fun, you can reward yourself with a sea-flavored meal with abalone, grilled oysters, fresh squid, basil crab, lobster, jasmine … The price of each dish ranges from VND 250,000-300,000. .