Saturday , April 4 2020
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Australian tourists rescued from rough sailing in central Vietnam

A Coast Guard unit stationed in the world-renowned ancient town of Hoi An have rescued two Australian tourists who fell into the sea near a resort islet after their boat encountered strong wind.
Cham Islet off Vietnam's central resort town Hoi An.
Cham Islet off Vietnam’s central resort town Hoi An.
The guards returned Iakouba Dmitri, 42, and Kazine Alxei, 34, to their room at the Sunrise Hotel on Sunday.
Sven Albert Saebel, a manager at the Sunrise Hotel notified the Coast Guard when the men failed to return on time. He urged tourists to inform their hotels about any outdoor activities so rescuers can quickly come to their aid in the event of an accident.
The Australians rented the sailboat from Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and were thrown overboard.  
Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Ba, chief coast guard at Cua Dai beach, said he sent three speedboats to the Cham islet after being informed of an accident on Saturday afternoon.
Alxei was found that evening near a beach, while Dmitri was reportedly spotted at 8 p.m. around nine nautical miles north of the islet. A source told Thanh Nien that a fishing boat belonging to Tran Van Lan rescued Dmitri and alerted the Coast Guard that he was safe.
The Coast Guard has reportedly recovered the sailboat without describing its condition.