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The director was filmed with a sensitive female female massage clip

The suspect sent the Director of An Giang Health Care Center to turn a sensitive clip to rape the property.

On June 20, the police of An Giang province issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecuted the accused and detained Vo Dai Nghia (50 years old, residing in Ninh Thuan province) to investigate the crime of depriving property. .

Before that, Nghia had arranged a girl to “serve” the Director of An Giang Reproductive Health Care Center and then turned the clip and controlled this person.

According to police, Nghia was familiar with Mr. Nguyen Van Th. (Former Director of An Giang Center for Reproductive Health Care) and questioned the purchase of the Center’s car in liquidation with the promise of giving Mr. Th. from VND 100-200 million.

Then Mr. Th. procedures for requesting An Giang Department of Finance to liquidate the car and get approval from An Giang Provincial People’s Committee to liquidate the auction. During the liquidation process, Nghia gave it to Mr. Th. VND 400 million.

By the middle of November 2016, Nghia arranged for a massage staff member to have a relationship with Mr. Th and use the phone to record.

3-2018, after winning the car auction, Nghia reclaimed the amount of VND 400 million but Mr. Th. Not enough money to pay, so Nghia uses the video clip of Mr. Th. eat and drink, receive money and have sex with massge staff to control, forcing Mr. Th. write a paper holding a personal car for VND 350 million.

Mr. Th. denounced the incident to the police.

Through the investigation, the police found that the act of receiving 400 million dong to buy cars for Nghia, to drink, to have sex with massage girls had no basis for criminal handling.

Therefore, the police of An Giang province did not issue a decision to prosecute Mr. Th. but his acts are a moral violation of the leaders and party members, the Police Department of An Giang Provincial Police has sent a notice to the Health Department of An Giang province and has a handling form and This man was removed from office.