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The car brought Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh to court

7 am June 25, former Deputy Director of Da Nang City VKSND Nguyen Huu Linh went to the People’s Court of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City to attend the trial as a defendant.

Mr. Linh went to court in a car

According to the report of VnExpressnew Ho Chi Minh City, when the car stopped at the court yard, Mr. Linh opened the door, went as if running up the stairs to the courtroom. At first he went the wrong way so he had to go back, many reporters followed to make a pretty crowded scene.

Seeing that, the judge must instruct Mr. Linh to avoid face by going to the toilet on the 4th floor of the People’s Court headquarters in District 4.

Cựu Viện Phó VKSND TP Đà Nẵng Nguyễn Hữu Linh đã đến TAND quận 4, TP.HCM để tham gia phiên xử với tư cách là bị cáo.

At 8:20 am, the trial took place, the case was closed but will be publicly sentenced. The victim does not need a lawyer to protect the rights designated by the procedural agency, and has an application for trial in absentia.

The chairman is judge Nguyen Hai Nam – deputy chief of the People’s Court of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. Lawyer defending for defendant Nguyen Huu Linh is lawyer Tran Ba ​​Hoc of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association.

According to the investigation, on the afternoon of April 2, the CSDT Police Department of District 4 received information on the social network with a time clip about 58 seconds about a man embracing a baby girl in the elevator of Galaxy 9 apartment. .

In the evening of the same day, the police of Ward 1, District 4 received a complaint from Ms. B.T. (Head of Galaxy 9 Apartment Management Board) about the man holding a baby girl in the elevator.

The investigation process determined, about 21:00 on April 1, grandson C. (8 years old, residents living in the apartment building) went to the supermarket to buy things for his mother. After that, she goes to the elevator to the house and asks the apartment guard to swipe the elevator card. At this time, there was a man in the elevator (identified as Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh) who was waiting to go up.

When the elevator door was closed, Mr. Linh suddenly hugged the baby, his left hand was in the stomach, his right arm was over his head, shoulders and his mouth was kissed on his left cheek. At that time there was a phone, Mr. Linh Let go of the baby to hear, grandson C. quickly stand close to the elevator door, away from Mr. Linh.

Why did you close Mr. Nguyen Huu Linh?

However, Mr. Linh continued to hug him from behind to bring him close to make his back lean on his body. When the elevator opened, Mr. Linh let go. Mr. C. went home to tell his parents about the incident.

When working with the investigating agency, Mr. Linh admitted that after drinking beer in the elevator, meeting a cute girl should hug her and not have the purpose of sexual satisfaction.

After that, District 4 authorities prosecuted and prosecuted Mr. Linh according to Item 1 of Article 146 of the Criminal Code 2015 on charges of obscenity to people under 16 years old.