Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Oppose Chinese hangers to ship fishermen

(News on the news) – After taking life-threatening actions, people on board who hang Chinese flags also took 2 tons of ink.

On June 10, Vietnam Fisheries Association sent a document to the Office of the Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs regarding the protest against the Chinese flag-hanging ship. Quang Nam fish.

The fishing vessel Quang Nam was robbed of seafood.

The document clearly stated that Quang Nam Fisheries Association received a report from Quang Nam Fisheries Association, saying that around 13h30 on June 2, fishing vessel QNa 91441 of fishermen Tran Van Nhan (Tam Quang commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam) while anchoring a lunch break in the area about 22 nautical miles away from Tri Ton Island (Hoang Sa archipelago of Vietnam), suddenly a white painted iron train, hanging Chinese flag, 46305 counter number coming close, for people to board the ship threatening the life of the crew.

After taking life-threatening actions, these people stole 2 tons of squid exploited by fishermen, estimated private damage of squid production value of more than 250 million VND.

“The Vietnam Fisheries Association vehemently opposes the wrongdoing and disobedience of the Chinese vessel, has robbed Vietnamese fishermen property, seriously violated Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel Islands, violate Vietnam’s rights and interests in the waters under Vietnam’s sovereignty “, the document clearly stated.

The Vietnam Fisheries Association believes that these actions have made it difficult for Vietnamese fishermen to exploit seafood on Vietnam’s traditional fishing grounds.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Fisheries Association proposed authorities to strongly oppose and take drastic measures to immediately stop the above looting action, in order to protect assets and protect the safety of Vietnamese fishermen. When manufacturing in Vietnam waters, maintaining national security and national sovereignty over the islands.