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Fateful trip of 53 passengers on the Han River

Two days before the accident, the ship was discovered Thao Van 2 underground operation and pull the management area, but escaped. The ship was carrying 56 people to conversion and turn on the Han River, making 3 passengers gone forever.
Da Nang is the peak tourist season, tourists everywhere look to the coastal city was dubbed “the most liveable Vietnam”. Besides swimming, enjoy seafood, many visitors use the service at night to enjoy the Han River.

Thao Van 2 capital was converted from fishing vessels, is not licensed to transport passengers, but still welcome in South River harbor, just in front of Da Nang Port. The ship 2 floors of the smallest of the cruise ships operating on the Han River, with a capacity of just 24CV, as long as more than 10 m.

Thao Van 2 sink ships on the Han River, while being pulled salvaged, ship conversion and temporary shows.
Thao Van 2 sink ships on the Han River, while being pulled salvaged, ship conversion and temporary shows.

20:30 on 4/6, Terminal 2 train Thao Van carrying 56 people (3 employees ships), doubling the number of seats according to the registry. Guests mostly take the family, including 19 delegations from Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen down. Travel is a reward for the kids at school. Passengers selected most scenic seats 2nd floor, some wearing life jackets for children, but the staff advised not to wear in hot weather.

Just 300 meters off shore, the ship suddenly tilted and capsized left, knocked down the entire riverbed Korean visitors. Cry for help, crying with arms voice struggled to knock down the water disturbing a river. 56 victims, including 19 children, 4 Malaysians, a pregnant woman 7 months, to save themselves by the escape who were clinging to each other panic.

The ship sinking and floating belly up from the river. Those who swim pulled, pushed everyone to sit on the floating portion of Thao Van 2. But when they see boats, rescue boats run up close, many people are agitated. Loss of balance, the ship sank back again.

Van Thao saw 2 ships running between heaven suddenly extinguished light breeze, Dang Ngoc Anh, mate For you cruise ship Han River, knew something was not healthy to run fast to urge the captain has turned off the light spot. Arrived, he saw dozens of arms England play with the river.

Plunged into the water, he pushed the pontoon raft Dating British people cling to and take on board. 4 ships and a moment later canoes together to support tourism. Captain Thao Van 2 Le Cong Chi, the employee named Loi, immersed looking persons in distress, move to ships, canoes around. The victim also threw lifejackets health, help pull others on board. Some visitors tried to swim ashore dragging relatives.

Han River, the administrative section and a center of Da Nang City Council a few hundred meters, becoming chaotic. Ambulance siren howling voice, drowned out the sound of several known ones. But still two children in Bac Kan and a man in Binh Dinh has not been found.
About 20 minutes after the accident, police, waterway police, border … presence. Search Option 3 missing victims are deployed under the direction of Chairman Huynh Duc Tho city. A grid is stretched astride Han river estuary, preventing drifting out to sea victims. Dozens of canoes and boats workshop border populations; 10 vessels fishing the high price of trawling on duty; Soldiers of the 5th Military Region sapper diving into the river to find, but for hours to no avail.

Sitting on the banks, micro faint tired, Ms. Dang Thi Xuan (Bac Kan country) did not take his eyes off the river, where two children are Zheng Jinfeng (7 years old) and Trinh Tien Huy (4 years old) have not been found. “I drink too much water, so lose breath away child,” the mother said in tears.

Miraculous survivors when not swim, holding back 10 months old daughter, Ms. Luu Phuong Thuy (Hanoi) running frantically everywhere to large 7-year-old daughter was missing. Mother and daughter found each other at medical centers in Son Tra district, but not enough to celebrate loud cry.

3am 5/6, Chairman of Danang stop searching. 16 children were treated at the Maternity Hospital – Pediatric Da Nang, including 4 cases of severe lung caused by water entering. The adult is being treated at Da Nang Hospital. That night, many victims could not sleep because “just close your eyes to the appalling spectacle of the show”.

6am 5/6, Danang mobilized 70 professional divers and fishermen are the team looking into the Han River. Headquarters was established at the forward port of the Han River bridge to direct the search. On the waterfront, hundreds turn canoes and small boats glide several rounds of observations all static.

But not until 16h30 the same day, the bodies of two young children in Bac Kan new home is found on the Han River, from where the boat flipped around 1,000 m. Pham Tan Cuong Determination (46 years old, born in Binh Dinh) beyond the estuary, washed up on the coast of Thanh Khe.

Located in monitoring hospital care 7 months pregnant and young children in the family 7, Nguyen Thi Hong Ha (hometown Taiyuan) said the delegation had 19 people, but now only about 17. “It is true that fateful trip . my daughter says, know that I do not need to be any more good student, now the two children did not see it! “.
A day after the accident, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho Danang chaired the meeting with the departments concerned to access the collective responsibility of the individuals concerned. “By sinking discovered there are many loopholes in state management. Our responsibility is very big for the people, should not be able to accept an organization or individual is neglected in this,” he poetry said.

According to city leaders, the accident would not have happened if the inland waterway port authorities and terminal management teams work seriously Han River. By 2 days before the accident, police discovered inland waterway vessels Thao Van 2 ineligible for passenger transportation but still go back on the river, should ask the Department of Transportation put ashore, assigned to border Room Management.

As director of the port authority and inland waterway Le Six, when towing management Thao Van, the ship fled. Mr. Nguyen Cong Hieu, said Captain terminals at 4/6 Management discovered Thao Van 2 ships pick up at the port, the port authority reported, but the vessel ignored the tourist activities underpass carrying twice the number under registration visitors and “scandalous Danang”.

Even at the meeting, the two men Friday and suspended performance positions and serve the investigation. Danang City Police has prosecuted criminal cases – offenses Breaching regulations on controls waterway transport. Crew and ship owners have been detained.

“In addition to the responsibilities of shipowners and train drivers, we will look at both individuals and organizations concerned with a view to drastic treatment, to the end,” Colonel General Staff Chen, deputy director of Da Nang Police, emphasize.