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Two options for housing 8B Le Truc: Forget what?

(Current News) – The Institute of Science and Technology for Construction has proposed 2 solutions for dealing with houses 8B Le Truc, but it has not resolved the errors of the foundation and the first floor.

Concerning the handling of phase 2 of 8B Le Truc, People’s Committee of Ba Dinh District – TP. Hanoi has a report of survey results, inspection for design by the Institute of Construction Science and Technology (Ministry of Construction).

Accordingly, the Institute of Building Science and Technology has proposed 2 solutions to handle 8B Le Truc in the future:

Option 1: Keep the 17th – 18th floors of the building intact but do not allow the investor to use or use other functions stipulated by the competent authority.

For more than 3 years, the investor of 8B Le Truc has not yet resolved the mistake.

Institute of Science and Technology Construction said that this plan ensures the most safety for the project because there is no additional load because it is not demolished, affecting the structure of the building.

Option 2: Demolish all floors 17 – 18 of the building but have to install additional beams on the 17th floor and other floors. Because beams at all levels are at risk of cracking during demolition. When the concrete has reached the required intensity, it is necessary to dismantle the transfer beam.

However, in the two options proposed by the Institute of Science and Technology for handling violations at home 8B Le Truc, there is no mention of the handling of violations of sidewalks, breaches of basements and foundations of the works.

Before that, on June 18, 2019, in voter meeting Q. Hoan Kiem, Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung said that Project 8B Le Truc not only violated above, but also violated right from the basement, even this building even encroached on the sidewalk.

Mr. Chung emphasized that in the coming time, he will firmly enforce the wrong part of this building to strictly follow the discipline

“There are meetings on the City People’s Committee, I say, to actually ensure the discipline of the country, even if we have to smash the whole building, we have to beat, because of the wrong construction from the foundation, from the first floor,” Chung said.