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The robbery group was active in the center of Saigon

After causing dozens of robberies in central Ho Chi Minh City, “Bu” Tai and his accomplices were captured by criminal police in turn.

On June 30, Team 3 – Ho Chi Minh City Police Police Department handed over Ho Anh Tai (also called Tai “Bu”, 30 years old), Nguyen Quoc Thai (25 years old, living in District 5) for District 11 police investigated property robbery acts.

Ho Anh Tai (ie “Bu” Tai). Photo: Police provided

Recently, the city center area occurred many cheating robberies. At the investigation, Team 3 identified robberies conducted by the “Bu” Tai group.

On the morning of 26/6, reconnaissance of Team 3 saw “Bu” Tai running on Le Hong Phong road, so he was arrested. At the investigating agency, the suspect admitted to the co-workers causing a series of robberies.

As early as June 20, Tai and Thai ran 2 motorbikes to look for “prey” in District 11. Go to the snail shop on Au Co Street, they found a young man drinking, leaving bags next to him.

Thai at the time of arrest. Photo: Police provided

Thai drove up to the edge of the bag containing the Macbook, 2,000 USD, 1,000 Singapore dollars, 8 million VND and then increased the escape. Take a ‘bu’ ride behind you, as a stop.

Police also determined that on the afternoon of June 24, the group snatched the chain on the neck of a woman near a gas station on Tran Nhan Ton Street.

From the testimony of “Bu” Tai, the police then arrested Nguyen Quoc Thai and other accomplices. Examining the whereabouts of this group, the police seized many motorbikes, dozens of license plates removed.

Dozens of number plates seized at the suspects’ residence. Photo: Police provided.

According to police, the “Bu” group of gangs caused dozens of robberies in downtown Saigon, haunting victims. The process of causing the crime, this group uses pepper spray, people fight knives and functional forces.

The police asked the victim to be robbed by the group, or the owner of the license plate numbers was seized in contact with Team 3 – Criminal Police Department of Ho Chi Minh City Police (96 Vo Van Kiet, District 1) to provide information. believe, support investigation.