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Hospital staff go to the wedding with … ambulance: ‘Turning road’

Hung affirmed that he was not present in the ambulance to attend the wedding of the hospital staff.

Mr. Bui Khac Hung, Director of General Hospital of Krong Pak District (Dak Lak) affirmed to Dat Viet newspaper on June 24 around the case of hospital officials going to the wedding party by ambulance.

“The district is opening a vaccination campaign to prevent measles so the hospital has an emergency vehicle to take nurses and a doctor on duty. This ambulance runs for nearly a week because of the campaign. They just started, and they went to work and then stopped and stopped to eat where they were.

Shouldn’t you go to work until dinner to eat? It must be clearly stated here that there is a schedule to fix the car, not an officer, the staff in the hospital arbitrarily take the car to work separately, “Hung said.

Ambulance car carrying leaders and staff of Krong Pak hospital went to the wedding party.

According to Mr. Hung, the emergency vehicle carrying doctors and nurses will be on duty from 7 am to 17 pm and will continue the campaign 4-5 more days.

Talking about the wedding on the day of the incident, Mr. Hung said: “On that day, the hospital had a wedding worker, but I did not go. The staff held a wedding at home or anywhere, I did not know.

The fact that nurses and doctors go to work and then take advantage of it to attend the wedding is just a convenience. The newspapers reflected that the hospital leader was accompanying the ambulance but not because I was the leader, but I went anywhere. “

According to the director, because the vaccination campaign has not ended, the team of doctors and doctors participating in the campaign has not yet returned to the hospital.

Earlier, according to information in Tien Phong newspaper, at noon June 23, the reporter of this newspaper witnessed an ambulance parked several hours before the gate of Tran Quoc Toan primary school (Krong Pak district).

At the door of the car under the red cross is the words: Krong Pak Hospital. At this time, inside the school yard is holding a wedding party.

It is known that the ambulance brought the plate number 47C-2802 under the management of Krong Pak Hospital (Dak Lak province).