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Canadian Ship Calgary conducts port visit to Da Nang

Canadian Ship Calgary will be conducting a port visit to the central city of Da Nang, Vietnam from September 26- 30, 2018, with daily events scheduled to support the mission of building and reinforcing international relations.

“The crew of Calgary looks forward to our visit to Vietnam. Widely known for its hospitality and a valued Canadian partner in Southeast Asia, Vietnam represents an opportunity for Calgary to work with the local community and demonstrate our commitment to being a valued partner.

The highlight will come upon completion of the port visit when we put to sea to exercise with the Vietnam People’s Navy, so as to extend and improve our network of defence partnerships in the region,” said Commander Blair Saltel, Commanding Officer Calgary.

Meanwhile Robert Bissett, Chargé d’affaires a.i. at the Embassy of Canada in Vietnam, said “We are delighted that Calgary will visit Da Nang, Vietnam. This ship visit will help celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relation between Canada and Vietnam, and strengthen Canada’s engagement with Vietnam.”

Calgary is a Halifax-Class frigate that recently completed an extensive Halifax Class Modernization/Mid-Life Refit.

It has approximately 230 highly trained and professional sailors who are well prepared to meet the challenges of their deployment on Operation PROJECTION.