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BOT Phap Van will reduce fees and time: Can you believe it?

(News news) – After the cheating “into precedent”, he took his data, his revenue to adjust the time, the ticket level, who can believe?

Which revenue? What traffic?

Before the information of Phap Van – Cau Gie high-speed BOT station, the revenue exceeded the estimate, on June 18, the representative of investors had a report on the turnover sent to Dat Viet newspaper and said, time collection and collection rates will be adjusted based on actual traffic volume and receipts.

The initiative of investors, despite being appreciated, still makes experts worry.

How does Phap Van BOT adjust fees and time?

Prof. Dang Dinh Dao – former Director of the Institute of Economic and Development Research, Hanoi University of Economics and Technology asked: “How do investors want to reduce the time of collecting and collecting?”.

“Investors said, from 2017 the Ministry of Transport has agreed to reduce the number of toll years from 17 years to 3 years to 15 years and 7 months. In addition, the actual fee collection time will continue to be paid. The adjustment is based on actual traffic and revenue, regularly updated into the financial plan.

Where revenue is any revenue, which flow is it? If it is revenue and flow reported by investors, can it be trusted? “Said Prof. Dang Dinh Dao.

Explaining the above argument, Prof. Dang Dinh Dao said that Phap Van BOT is a toll station that is like a “super station” because of the terrible revenue but it is also the station that was investigated for fraudulent acts.

Without an inspection and audit agency, the budget has lost 800 million per day because the investor has not declared correctly (collecting 1.9 billion VND / day but the report on the Ministry is 1,2 – 1,4 billion VND / day.

Up to this point, although the station has a rapid increase in the number of vehicles reported to increase by 20-25%, but revenue inched up modestly, reaching only 1.93 billion VND / day, not much higher than with the time of 2016. So, who will guarantee, investors’ statistics are accurate and honest?

“Even the General Department of Roads, Ministry of Transport is also monitoring and checking revenue based on extracting data stored by toll booths and based on recorded data of investors. This has been prove after the incident at BOT Trung Luong or BOT Ninh Loc.

Meanwhile, Phap Van BOT is also threatened to close, not to charge for not fully installing backup system to keep monitoring data. As mentioned, this station has also had a precedent of reporting dishonest revenue.

 With so many fuzzy points, now that you get your data, your report, your sales to adjust the time, the ticket price is hard to convince anyone, “the GS is frank.

Clarify group interests

The puzzling at the Phap Van – Cau Gie BOT is still unclear, while the proposal to increase the fee periodically every 3 years at many other toll booths. This makes the public more anxious, adding to the suspicion that there are group benefits.

“Affordable BOT Phap Van – Cau Gie and many other toll stations are the” navel “collecting money so everyone wants to protect and hide to benefit?”, Professor Dang Dinh Dao asked.

From these concerns, Prof. Dang Dinh Dao proposed the Ministry of Transport to conduct an independent inspection at Phap Van – Cau Gie BOT station.

“To be open and transparent, we must conduct independent inspections and audits at this station. Do not let the Ministry of Transport inspect and inspect and avoid the situation of” kicking the ball, blowing the whistle, avoiding concerns like BOT Ninh Loc (Khanh Hoa province). After the inspection, the tallying has not detected any wrongdoing, but it has not been able to make the public feel completely confident and trust, “the GS said.

There must be clear responsibility

Also expressed the general annoyance, Mr. Bui Danh Lien – former Chairman of Hanoi Transport Association said that the luxuriant groves at Phap Van BOT station are the result of the project process is not transparent.

“The project revealed inadequacies right from the stage of project construction, project construction, project management led to the project must sell to this person, cede to the other person. That is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport”, Mr. Lien clarify.

According to Mr. Lien, all issues such as construction, operation and management until the forecast of traffic volume increase or decrease, how the adjustment fee should be included in the financial plan built in advance. This is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport.

“It is clear that the Ministry of Transport is not fully concerned, lack of monitoring mechanisms, while there is a tendency to be biased, investor-friendly, leading to instability and confusion at the stations. BOT The Ministry of Transport must recognize the responsibility and must handle it transparently and thoroughly, “said Lien.