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VN designers shape new fashion scene

Plentiful fashion shows and exhibitions are keeping Vietnamese fashion designers busy as the year nears its end.

VN designers shape new fashion scene
VN designers shape new fashion scene

Viet Nam’s annual Spring-Summer Fashion Week will be from December 7 to 10 preceded by Vietnam International Fashion Week, which will be held in the in the first week of the month.

The Spring-Summer fashion event will feature 26 designers’ collections, including one from Italy and one from Malaysia.

According to Vietnam Fashion Design Institute Mode, the show’s organiser, this is the first time collections from foreign designers have been displayed.

At these two large-scale events, local fashionistas will be able to learn more about trends and designs.

November witnessed a number of shows, from the Elle Fashion Show – Spring Summer 2015 – which presented six younger designers’ collections – to The Twins showcasing their latest Autumn-Winter collection by renowned designer Do Manh Cuong.

Designer Quynh Paris introduced her Spring-Summer 2015 collection in Viet Nam, following its October debut at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

To some extent, these events signal growth in the country’s emerging fashion industry.

“The more fashion shows are organised, the greater choices customers will have,” noted designer Minh Hanh said.

“Vietnamese people have become aware of the value of outfits with special designs. As a result, designers and fashion brands have started organising large-scale shows, which help to pass messages of styles.”

In recent years, Vietnamese creators have moved fast to respond to the domestic market.

“In the world of fashion, Viet Nam has its own style, but what we need to focus on is building a professional fashion industry,” Hanh said.

“In this flat world, unique hallmarks will become rare and warmly welcomed no matter where you are.”

A participant in the 2015 Spring-Summer Fashion Week, Ha Noi-based designer Hung Viet said he was delighted to see Vietnamese designers rapidly catching up with world trends.

“To achieve that, they must have certain professional qualifications, as well as creativity,” said Viet , who will present his collection of monochromatic outfits with geometric designs at fashion week.

“It’s good that local consumers also have such a positive outlook. They see trends in Viet Nam, but with Vietnamese style.”

Aside from fashion shows at home, Vietnamese designers have been invited to present their collections abroad during the past few years. Now, an international fashion show being hosted locally shows Viet Nam is making strides in entering the world fashion market.

“The most challenging thing for a designer is to shape a future trend that highlights fashion’s values,” Viet said. “Fashion is not only products that you put on your body, but also it presents the trends, ideas and concepts of life, forcing designers to change their way of thinking.”