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Veteran singers travel far to spread revolutionary music

Singers who perform songs about love of country do not think about money and glory, but only their passion for revolutionary music and the pleasure it gives them and others.

Veteran singers travel far to spread revolutionary music
Veteran singers travel far to spread revolutionary music

Singers Quynh Lien and Quynh Hop of HCM City, for example, have found ways to win the hearts of music lovers, both old and young, particularly fans in remote areas.

After more than 40 years in music, Meritorious Artist Lien has travelled to remote provinces and islands, including Truong Sa (Spratly), to perform revolutionary songs in praise of the country and soldiers.

“I love singing to people in remote areas and to soldiers, who, with their love for revolutionary music, deepen my passion about the music and help me feel free during performances,” Lien says.

Born in Hai Phong, Lien began her career in 1972 when she was 16. Living during wartime, she fell in love with revolutionary music.

After five years of singing for local traditional music troupes, Lien began to work for by People’s Artist Le Doa, former head of the Viet Nam Border Guard Art troupe.

She studied with music professors Mai Khanh and Trung Kien, and People’s Artist Thuy Huyen.

“To sing perfectly, I have worked hard to improve my vocal skills.

I volunteered to perform for soldiers stationed in border areas and islands, where I learned that music has a special power.”

Her favourite songs include Chao Anh Giai Phong Quan (Hello Liberation Army Soldiers), Bai Ca Tinh Ban (Song of Friendship) and Thoi Hoa Do (The Time of the Red Flowers), written by famous composers Hoang Van and Nguyen Dinh Bang.

These songs helped Lien win the golden prize at national music and song contests in 1985, 1987 and 1990.

Audiences have been won over by Lien’s performances of many folk songs like Noi Lua Len Em (Setting Fire) by Huy Du.

In the works, her voice is strong and passionate. Talented singers like Quang Tho and Thu Hien are fond of her vocal skills.

“After listening to Lien, I feel the sand, wind and sunshine of islands, where our brave soldiers are working to protect the country,” said Tran Van Dau, who lives in a remote district of Thanh Hoa Province.

Like many of Lien’s fans, Dau enjoys listening to her voice on Viet Nam Radio.

“Lien understands soldiers’ work and lifestyle. She tells a story to them through her singing,” he said.

Younger than Lien, singer and composer Hop has produced 57 albums of 600 songs, mostly about the country, soldiers and President Ho Chi Minh.

Two of her highlighted albums are Bien Dao (Vietnamese Islands) and Nguoi Linh Bien (Navy Soldiers), both featuring Truong Sa soldiers and performed by Hop and young singers of HCM City.

“I found myself by singing and composing songs in praise of Truong Sa soldiers. My albums on the theme have attracted many young people and teenagers, who often enjoy love songs,” said Hop, who is a graduate of the Ha Noi Music Conservatory and Army College of Arts.

“I believe that revolutionary music will be young forever. The music and its singers and composers can evoke a love for the country and its heroic history among young generations,” she said.

Hop’s latest album, To Quoc Nhin Tu Bien (The Country Seen from the Sea), was released last month.

“My love for revolutionary music keeps my soul wealthy,” said the 56-year-old.