Tuesday , January 19 2021
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The US banned airlines from flying over Iran after the plane crash

The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an urgent order to ban its operators from flying over an Iran-controlled airspace over the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman.

In the recommendation for operators, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said according to flight tracking applications, the closest civilian aircraft operating within about 45 nautical miles away from the machine. US Global Hawk driver was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile on June 20.

“There are many civil aviation aircraft operating in the area at the time of interception,” the FAA said.

The agency said it was still concerned about escalating tensions and military operations within close proximity to key civilian routes as well as Iran’s willingness to use long-range missiles in international airspace. There are no or few warnings.

A United Airlines aircraft at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 5.

United Airlines said it has suspended flights from Newark to Mumbai after considering safety from Iran shooting down a US-controlled high-altitude unmanned aircraft.

“With current events in Iran, we have conducted a thorough safety and security assessment for our Indian service through Iranian airspace and decided to suspend service,” United said. his website.

Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) called on airlines to be cautious when flying over Iran and Omani Gulf and Gulf regions due to high and intense military operations. Straight up politicians.

“Although Iran may not intend to target civilian aircraft but the presence of many advanced, anti-aircraft anti-aircraft weapons in a stressful environment can pose a risk of calculation. wrong or misidentified, especially during periods of political stress and speech, “said the FAA.

The shooting down of the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft, an unmanned aircraft that can fly at an altitude of 18,300 m, is the latest in a series of Gulf incidents, a lifeline for global oil supplies, including Includes explosions on six oil tankers.

US officials said that an Iranian air-to-air missile shot down unmanned US aircraft on June 20 on “international airspace” in the Strait of Hormuz was “an unreasonable attack”. Meanwhile, Iran said the Revolutionary Guards Force shot down the plane when it violated its airspace.