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Fishermen associate on the sea, do not ship China

Being besieged but fishermen know how to join together, making Chinese ships leave.
Regarding the fishing vessel incident number QNa-91441 of fishermen Tran Van Nhan (42 years old, residing in Sam Linh Dong village, Tam Quang commune) was besieged by Chinese ships, robbing more than 2 tons of squid on June 2 when fishing in Tri Ton island area (belonging to Hoang Sa archipelago) of Vietnam, on June 20, exchanging with Dat Viet, Mr. Ngo Tan – Deputy Director of Quang Nam Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said, statistics In Quang Nam, there are about 700 fishing boats operating in the sea, some of which have been reported to be chased, prevented, fined, and difficult by the law enforcement ship, even also robbing fishermen.

Mr. Nhan’s fishing vessel is besieged by Chinese ships, stealing 2 tons of dried squid.

According to Mr. Tan, the phenomenon of fishermen being attacked and chased away during this time is that recently the Chinese Fisheries Administration has announced to suspend fishing for a period of time from 1/5 to 15 / 8/2019 for all occupations except fishing on the seas, including the common fishing area of ​​China (the eastern sea of ​​the Gulf of Tonkin delimitation) and the waters under the sovereignty of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, currently in the main season of the fishing season, from September onwards will be the rainy season, fishermen cannot go out to sea.
For this reason, Chinese law enforcement vessels increased their activities, making it difficult to prevent the exploitation and fishing of Vietnamese fishermen.

However, Mr. Tan affirmed with the spirit of sticking to the sea as well as always receiving the attention and support of the state management agencies, fishermen still actively went out to sea.

Along with that, to ensure the province’s fishermen operate on normal sea fishing, safe and timely dealing with arising situations, the Department requires continued propaganda, guidance and information on regional sovereignty. Vietnamese sea let fishermen know to rest assured.

The authorities have also been strengthened, connected, monitored the situation, taking timely measures to respond when fishermen were hit and arrested by foreign ships.

“Chinese law enforcement is aggressive but our fishermen are not afraid. Through monitoring, the authorities are always actively propagating and mobilizing fishermen to actively defend by strengthening collective fishing and keeping contacting regional boats, promptly inform the authorities for assistance in emergency situations, “Mr. Tan said.

Mr. Ngo Van Dinh – Deputy Director of Quang Nam Fisheries Department said, thanks to the strong timely voice of fisheries associations as well as measures to strengthen management, support fishermen also make fishermen people feel secure and firmly believe in going to sea.
Previously, Vietnam Fisheries Association had sent a document to the Office of the Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Committee for Foreign Affairs about opposing the Chinese flag-hanging ship. Quang Nam fish.

The document clearly stated that Quang Nam Fisheries Association received a report from Quang Nam Fisheries Association, saying that around 13h30 on June 2, fishing vessel QNa 91441 of fishermen Tran Van Nhan (Tam Quang commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam) while anchoring a lunch break in the area about 22 nautical miles away from Tri Ton Island (Hoang Sa archipelago of Vietnam), suddenly a white painted iron train, hanging Chinese flag, 46305 counter number coming close, for people to board the ship threatening the life of the crew.

After taking life-threatening actions, these people stole 2 tons of squid exploited by fishermen, estimated private damage of squid production value of more than 250 million VND.

The Vietnam Fisheries Association vehemently opposes the wrong and contradictory actions of the Chinese ship and also requests the authorities to strongly oppose and take drastic measures to stop the above looting action immediately, in order to protecting assets, protecting the safety of Vietnamese fishermen when producing in Vietnamese waters, maintaining national security and national sovereignty.

On June 20, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Le Thi Thu Hang stated: “Vietnam has a full legal basis and affirmative historical evidence. its sovereignty over the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa is in accordance with international law. The aforementioned actions of Chinese public service vessels have violated Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel Islands, violating international law, agreement on basic principles to guide the settlement of the problem. on the Vietnam-China sea, threatening the safety and property of Vietnamese fishermen who are operating normally in this sea. ”
The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed: “Vietnam firmly opposes the above-mentioned actions of the Chinese side, demanding that China strictly handle Chinese civil servants and public vessels in breach, compensate adequately. for Vietnamese fishermen, there is a form of educating Chinese employees not to recur similar incidents. “

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang also said on June 19, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam had an affair with representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi, protesting the above action of the Central Quoc, asking the Chinese side to verify, take adequate compensation measures for Vietnamese fishermen and severely handle those employees and the offending service ships.