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Complaints filed over half-finished Hoa Binh bridge

Chao Village in Hoa Binh Province is often isolated during flood season but the only bridge to the outside lies half-finished and abandoned.

The half-finished bridge in Hoa Binh
The half-finished bridge in Hoa Binh

The unfinished bridge is in Chao Village, Kim Tien Commune. Many people are upset at seeing the bridge deteriorate over time while the village still remains isolated from the outside world during floods. Children can’t go to school and sick people have no way to go to hospitals.

Kim Boi District People’s Committee said in an official document issued in 2014 that the bridge across the Roc River was an urgent construction would connect Bo Town to the Sun Waterfall, serve over 1,000 households and boost local tourism.

In 2016, the project was transferred to Kim Boi Construction Projects Management Board. Huy Ha Company became the contractor of the VND11bn (USD473,500) project. In the following year, the district authorities approved a VND16bn plan to build connecting roads to get up to the bridge.

Kim Boi district authorities said that their budget was too small but promised to continue the construction in early 2018. However, the materials were merely dumped near the bridge and construction is still incomplete.

Bui Van Dum, chairman of Kim Boi People’s Committee, said they had urged contractors to speed up the process but due to rain the work was delayed and there might be a reduction on the construction quality.

Meanwhile, many people said that investors needed to take responsibility for the situation. The local authorities have been blamed for not starting construction in early 2018 but instead in late June when the rainy season started.